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TF MTMTE 09 cover colors

this has been posted online, so i figure i can show it off now
this is the cover to issue 9 of Transformers: More than Meet the Eye.
this image was a lot of fun to make. it was also an interesting way of getting all the images for the characters that were to be on the cover. when i first got the description for the cover, one of the images was to be a broken window with a decepticon emblem painted on it. i did a couple roughs with that image, but then i thought up this idea where broken glass made up the decepticon emblem and the images were in each of the large glass shards. i think it turned out well.
again, its always nice to work with Josh Perez.
i really enjoy how the colors for this cover turned out. he did an amazing job. ita always fun to see him color an image which has tf's in their past forms ;p
well, back to work

lineart by :iconmarkerguru: that be me :)
colors by :icondyemooch: he's just too good ;p

transformers MTMTE©IDW Publishing

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Wow thats beautiful. Great work!
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Impressive artwork!
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Wow, this is beautiful. I especially love Ratchet's intensity.
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I wish i could draw my OC like u draw them!
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Oooooooooooooooo. PWETTY! :dance:
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WOW Q///Q THIS is very cool. I exceptionally luv luv luv the colors, and the shatterglass thing and askfjdijk... ;A;
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I am impressed by the various characters in the image that shows the Decepticon sigil!

I want to know more about Nominus Prime, Sentinel Prime and the senate official that freed pax!

Skids is kicking aft! Love his grappler claw!

Is that a targetmaster? awesome! Looks like he's escaping in some sort of action movie style explosive exit! (who is he?)

oh no rewind! Who assassinated him?!


...and cute little rewind!

And Cybertron! Somehow all these loose ends will fit together...eventually!

Love it! Please do make more!
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apologies, not rewind, drift is hurt!
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everything is connected! I feel a plot twist a com'n! Man every time I see a new cover I get a little bit more excited! XD I just want the next MTMTE already common I cant wait any longer!! lol
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;A; drift ;A; ????
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Great work, with a lot of cryptic clues - why are Optimus and Prowl, two main characters from RiD, on a MTMTE cover? Interesting...
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wow! this is a beautiful piece it's soo cool and :iconleleleplz: love the colors and lineart of course. Good job to both of ya
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Tremendous job as always from both of you indeed.
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Every time I think the covers on MTMTE couldn't get any more beautiful... you come out and do something like this... :D
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phew, sweet! i can't wait to read X3
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Amazing work, hurray for Chromedome on the speeder bike
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I'll be honest, I squealed when I saw Optimus. And Skids looks awesome in the corner. Actually...everything looks awesome.
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Whoa... is that pre-war Ratchet and Drift!?

God... MTMTE kills me. I can't even handle all the awesome. *dead*
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