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TF MTMTE 08 cover colors

By markerguru
so this image was shown off at botcon this past weekend so i figured it would be alright to show it off here. hopefully get a better look at it
this is the cover to MTMTE issue 8, and yes it features Grimlock :)
i guess now we finally get to find out what happened to him since last we saw him which i think was in maximum dinobots?
i had a lot of fun with this cover
it has a batman feel to it, which i did not intend until after i stated placing in the shadows and i thought, why not go pretty heavy on the shadows like in the batman comics i read. this was the result, and i like how it turned out
got to work with Joana on this cover. when we were talking about it, i noticed that this was going to be out first cover together that wasn't part of the movie line. i thought that was pretty cool.
the bots in the foreground don't look to happy. i wonder if they know whats about to happen??? ;p

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me ;p
colors :iconkhaamar: she is very good at what she does. also very nice to chat with :D

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Is that Fortress Maximus' head?
markerguru's avatar
No, it's not.  Just a random bot.
Soundwave364674's avatar
He certainly looks like Fortress Maximus.
markerguru's avatar
The head shape is mildly similar, but there are a lot of differences to my design of Fort Max. I can see the where the confusion is due to the color, which was not my choice. 
Soundwave364674's avatar
Going back and reading your description, I now see that :iconkhaamar: coloured this piece. I'm assuming it was by pure coincidence until proved otherwise. I'll have to compare this head with your Fortress Maximus design to be able to tell the differences, for sure. 
The-Dapper-Scrapper's avatar
Oh they are soooooooo fucked :D
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mega devil like ^^
SapphiresFrost's avatar
I really love this cover. I think it looks stunning, and I like the heavy shadows as you described! Definitely hints heavily at Batman comics! :)

The background looks super brilliant, too! Simple, yet detailed. I so badly want to get this comic, just to see more of Grimlock, here, and find out what happens to these poor mechs! Lol!
haruau's avatar
those cons there are dead! love it!
SintelDragon's avatar
lol they're both like " shit..."
SeaofFallingStars's avatar
Is that Deathsauras' head?
SeaofFallingStars's avatar

Looks like a Japanese character though. Overlord's been used, and Deathsauras is the other well-known villain, so I made a guess.
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chadporter's avatar
I'd say Grim' looks pissed...but then again when doesn't he look pissed? :clap:
samhain88's avatar
Alex, did you design Grimmy's look for this series? Can't freakin' wait to see his T-rex form in the book!!!
markerguru's avatar
i based the design off of the maximum dinobots look. i just added a few areas of internal lights on his body. so, i guess this is my take on Nick's design :)
samhain88's avatar
Ah, yeah, it does look familiar. Damn it looks awesome. Great job indeed.
victortky's avatar
me grimlock, wants to tear off heads!

I almost feel sorry for the two guys he is going to pounce on!
AjDrawer's avatar
I always feel Grimlock was more like Predator in this pic than batman. Because... Batman don't rip people's arms off and said: I'm Bad Ass. I'm Dinobot, rules not the same.
markerguru's avatar
maybe. but predator usually sneaks around with his cloak on, so that he blends into the background, while batman sneaks around in the shadow with no need of a cloaking devise for lack of a better term. however, i'm not saying that grimlock is like batman, nor did i design this cover to be anything like batman. i just found it interesting that when i was working on it, i was putting a lot of black shadows in, and it reminded me of the batman comics by Jim Lee i like where he usually has a lot of blacks in the image.
AjDrawer's avatar
Whatever the case, give yourself a pat in the back. These two pictures, this Grimlock and that Decepticon masked Decepticreep had made me return back to catch up with IDW Tf allover again.

When will this issue came out?
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issue 7 comes out in July, issue 8 in August
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