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TF MTMTE 07 cover lineart

been really busy the last little while, but i dropped by to post some new art
the first being the lineart to the cover of issue 7 of MTMTE
this one features the head of the leader of the DJD ( decepticon justice devision)
i always wanted to draw a bot in the rain, and i finally got my chance :)

TF MTMTE©IDW Publishing

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Excellent lineart. He has a very harsh stare, I like that. :)
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Hello Alex, can I print this and color it as for practice? 
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that bot look like the decepticon logo
Lights321's avatar
Tarn is just...ohmygosh...fangirl feels...
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Feel free to shoot this down with an ominous "James is a Devious Writer" comment, but I was browsing online at a comic blog somewhere and the writer of which was commenting on how Tarn and Orion Pax's friend Roller look very similar, almost identical. So with all of the plot points of Shadowplay, what are the chances of this?
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well since i designed the 2 of them, and i think the people who see this similarity are mistaken since there there alt modes aren't the same. they don't transform the same. the only thing that is similar is the circular parts to the sides of the head. to be fare, i draw a lot of characters with those circular parts on the side ob the head. rung even has them ;p
the only way they could be the same would be if rollers spark was put into a new body. but who knows the way James thinks. as i understand it, and how i designed them, they are not the same character.
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Thank you for the answer! It's always great to hear what you have to say.
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From the preview I got...Loving Tarn so much!
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sweet. glad your enjoying him :)
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Wait is that lightning in the background, or steam coming off him? 'Cause if that's steam, he must be hella pissed XD
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:wow: wow!! this is really awesome!!! I love the details everywhere!
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wow, this is baaad assss, megatron is back with the symbol, bringing justice to all those who deserted the cause after the war, nyaaaagh.... i hope it's a new character, we do need fresh faces which by now they've all been awesome.
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This is bad ass.
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Tremendous job as always especially the amount of details and not to mention the rainy effect.
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Very atmospheric. I like it.
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The Fallen, right?
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Whoa, okay, then who is he, with his DECEPTICON face?
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can't say right now. you'll have to wait until July to find out. or whenever IDW wants to let the public know :3
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I am very much looking forward to this storyline - I'm glad that you continue to work your magic with those pencils and inks. This design is excellent, with lots of detail to enjoy. In the rain. At night. :D
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thats the only time a decepticon likes to be in the rain :p
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