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TF MTMTE 07 cover colors

so here we have the colored version of the cover to issue 7.
again, it features a headshot of the leader of the DJD (Decepticon Justice Devision) i can't tell you his name yet. you'll have to wait a while for that.
this was the only cover that i was very specific with Josh about the feeling i was going for
i wanted the cover to basically be a monochromatic coover color wise. it would help keep some of this character still a secret to a degree.
the idea was something a remember from a couple anime's i had watched where just after or during a bright lightening strick, all the color would be saturated out, and you were left with a very bright highlight and a similar over all color. i thought that was a neat idea.
i love the way it turned out
Josh is always amazing when he works with me. i wish we could work on more things together :)
man, his eye keep staring at me. they like burning into my soul ;p

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me :p
colors :icondyemooch: he bragged about all the great food he got to eat when he was at botcon. made me sad ;p jokes

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Nice Tarn picture dude.
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he probably sounds like bane from The Dark Knight Rises. 
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I always here Keith David as his voice. 
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 interesting. that works too.

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Tarn, looking as imposing and evil as ever!
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The DJD should have their own comic. It would be cool.
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Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.
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I fell in love with Transformers because of the fanwork, and it is because of things like this and what it has inspired that I and still here two years on. Few Bots or Cons have caught my attention past my first loves of Optimus and Megatron but Tarn and the rest of the DJD have managed to steal the lime light and then I find this.

Just incredible, wonderful work.
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The first decepticon? 0u0
I live the way it turned out too! You were right about the lightning strike, the sharp contrast is astounding. Josh is awesome. I hope you two can work together more, it sounds like a lot of fun :)
Love not live -_-
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 amazing! it's absolutely amazing! o.O
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What an amazing picture! Just looking at this guy puts a chill up my spine! The fact that his face resembles the decepticon insignia makes it even more terrifying. :o (Eek) 
One of my favorite TF comic cover when it was revealed online. I would call him The Last Decepticon before his name/codename/alias was revealed in the comics.
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this cover is what got me interested in MTMTE in the first place. it's beyond amazing. kudos to you sir, you have quite the talent!
Taaaarn. See, you make a poster mech like him, and I whio never was a comic reader find myself sucked in well and truly.
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Hey Markerguru.....I wonder if you would consider putting this one up as a poster, `cause this is seriously the best Con pic I have ever set my eyes on. Your work on the issue of MTMTE featuring this cover is absolutely gorgeous. Loved the characters but none more than Tarn here. Is this in fact his true face or is it a mask he wears? Just wondering. As´re the best :sun:
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sorry, i can't make a poster of this image. i hope you can understand
i'm glad you like the image. yes, thats a mask he's wearing :)
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Ok, thanks for the reply....Would it be okay with you if I brought the image to a graphic shop and had it made a poster? Just for me, that is. It is rather expensive but I really want to enjoy it full size, The pic is so beautiful and would look so good on my wall. I want your permission first, though ;)
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i can't give you permission to do that. i created the image, but it is now technically owned by IDW and Hasbro. i can't say for anyone to just take it and make posters out of it. sorry. i know you like the image, but i can't help you unless IDW starts making posters out of the image to sell
*faints at the idea*
Please tell them to do so! I would LOVE to see some covers as posters. Brilliant brilliant BRILLIANT idea. Please?
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