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TF MTMTE 04 cover colors

so this is the cover to MTMTE issue 4 which will be out sometime in April
i enjoy this covers all because they are on an ice planet :D
so this cover features Drift, Pipes, and Ratchet racing towards the unknown. fun time :p
what will be in store for them? what horrors will James unleash upon the crew of the Lost Light. tune in to MTMTE to find out :D
colors for this covers were done ever so awesomely by the amazing Josh Perez
i hope you enjoy

lineart by :iconmarkerguru: me, me, me. all me :D
colors by :icondyemooch: him, him, him, all his doing. arrest him officer ;p

Transformers: MTMTE©IDW Publishing

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He's a wonderful character.
TheDandelionOfDoom's avatar
Dude Future Snow Boards!!!!
Vornell's avatar
so love drift! never seen him in any of the animations which make me wonder if he is in any. anyways as usual ut work is awesome. may i grab this as a fan....
ailgara's avatar
beautiful drawing! are they in Hoth planet?? I cant resist make the question jejeje =)
tamiiland's avatar
Oh, yeah. Go get 'em!
ailgara's avatar
beautiful drawing and great perspective
chribell1's avatar
And there off to there doom!
soy-monk's avatar

For a second there I thought that was Wing lol
SeekerNami's avatar
You know?? I LOVE the new designs for these guys... OwO;;; Who's the mastermind behind them?? Is that you dear Alex???
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the designs for these 3 guys were created by Nick, but i did have to create a few tweaks on them. then there is a whole bunch of other characters for this series that i've gotten the chance to create. some i get to create from the ground up which is really cool :)
Seth-Cypher's avatar
Ratchet and Drift don't exactly look too thrilled to be riding those lol.
markerguru's avatar
i don't think ratchet is too thrilled to be doing anything with drift :p
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I have a feeling that Drift would be the main focus of this issue.
markerguru's avatar
lol, what would give you that idea ;p
victortky's avatar
he's on the main page, and the middle one.

and his design looks kick aft!
markerguru's avatar
yeah, but that doesn't say that much. especially when the covers aren't giving away really anything in the story.
victortky's avatar
true, he's the quite one. I laughed at Magnus's analysis of him in the first issue.

Criminal record: Off the scale... LOLZ

true, I hope he would have more action and lines!
wordmongerer's avatar
Oh you two and your unnatural levels of talent...
markerguru's avatar
very unnatural :D
rolito86's avatar
very nice design
umitaro's avatar
what happened to his amor?!
it looks like Wing's!
Wing,what have you done to him?!
OK I know you're dead already...

So Drift did this to himself to remember his ex.:p
LordBloodySoul's avatar
AWESOME! That's one great piece of art! :clap: :clap:
orabich's avatar
great work!

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