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TF MTMTE 02 cover

so i saw this online yesterday so i figure it's ok to post it up here.
this is my cover to Transformers MTMTE issue 02.
the cover features Rodimus standing around some semi out of it bots. what happened to them you ask? well you'll just have to read the issue to find out ;p
anyways i have seen some people online trying to figure out who's on the cover, so i will tell you and everyone can stop guessing.
in the front from left to right we have
-waverider and sureshot
behind rodimus we have
-fizzle, rollout, and siren

as always this cover was colored by my ever so talented friend Josh Perez :) one day i will learn his secrets to coloring :)

well, back to work
enjoy :)

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me :D
colors :icondyemooch: that be he :p

transformers: MTMTE©IDW Publishing

please do not use without permission :)
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© 2011 - 2021 markerguru
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You don't want to make him angry! Don't mess with Rodimus!
Jazellia's avatar
Me: Rodimus! Chill! You look like constipated Hulk!!
Rodimus: What's a Hulk?
Me: *turns away and walks off, nose in the air* I can't talk to you anymore
vanfross's avatar
Your joke made me cringe.
Phenometron's avatar
I wouldn't get on Rodimus's bad side.
Vornell's avatar
nice artwork man. so love rodimus prime
victortky's avatar
somehow rodimus looks like he's about to go on a killing spree.

Love the background bots!
pqcomics's avatar
yeah i thought so too... lol
victortky's avatar
I like the design!
hurrigame's avatar
Holy crap! If not for Ladywreck's comment, would've taken me forever to notice this is Rod Prime. Sweet. Can't wait to read the ish.
alteride's avatar
Whoa, looks like Roddy takes the whole Knights mythos in earnest - he even starts to physically look like them !

You and Josh are one of my favorite tandems - IMO his colors are probably the only ones which do your lineart justice, along with Joana's.
BTW did I hear you were doing the insides on this issue as well ?
markerguru's avatar
you did and i am.
PrimeShift01's avatar
kinda fits in with the knights of cybertron look. nice.
ShadowApook's avatar
You know, I haven't been a huge fan of the Hot Rod reimagining in the current series, but I gotta say I'm diggin this version!
TFGlider's avatar
what program do you use for you art work
markerguru's avatar
well i draw it all by hand. i do believe Josh uses photoshop to color it :)
AcidWing's avatar
Did Rodimus get an upgrade post Chaos? Cool cover nonetheless.
BrenGun's avatar
totally awesome!!!
Aldark's avatar
Ive always loved rodimus. and you make him very sexy.
Somvold's avatar
That's a nasty yet amazing cover and tremendous job as always from both of you.
0NightHawk0's avatar
Is it me...or does Rodimus look a tad influenced by TF: Prime here?
namtab78's avatar
it almost looks like he pulled a wolverine on those bots.
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