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TF LL 10 RI cover colors

By markerguru
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Here is the cover for Lost Light 10 I did.
It's pretty basic in what I decided to draw, but gets the point across pretty clear.
We have 2 parties in a bit of a stand off.  One is Getaway and his group standing off against some of the Protectobots. 
I always enjoy how Josh colors covers that have a white background.  The characters stand out nicely.

Lineart by :iconmarkerguru:
colors by :icondyemooch:

TF Lost Light©IDW Publishing

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© 2018 - 2020 markerguru
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There goes my respect for Grapple and Bluestreak.
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DanLuna General Artist
Getaway can go to hell!
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Who are the bots with Getaway?
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Bluestreak, Grapple, and Riptide
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Ha-HeePrimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great execution and way to sell the idea. 

(dyemooch's colors really make this one pop. :nod: )
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dyemoochProfessional Digital Artist
Aw, thanks!
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Ha-HeePrimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome! Credit where it's due, pal!
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JohnnyFive81Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great pic, as always.  It's a shame that the story turned out to be naff, but that's sadly the norm on Lost Light these days.

Great work on Optimus Prime, BTW!
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The tension is high with these Autobots.
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NRGComicsProfessional Writer
Uh-Oh! Looks like an Autobot Civil War!
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Still seriously pissed-off about how this ended. There was absolutely no need to kill off Defensor, much less more than half of the Protectobots. And Rook...he wasn't exactly the most popular character, but Christ on a crutch, that was uncalled-for. They probably could've given Groove an upgrade to a bigger body and then gone with the classic G1 form of Defensor, but no, let's just butcher the Protectobots wholesale...

Hasbro/IDW spent an entire event bigging up combiners to be these massive unstoppable killing machines -- and what happens? Star Sabre wanders in and dices up Defensor with a Great Sword like it's nothing, then watches as most of the Protectobots are murdered in cold blood. Fuck that guy AND Getaway.

So now that's Superion and Defensor gone, and we'll never see Computron either because most of the Technobots are already dead. Mirage's death puts Optimus Maximus out in the cold too. That leaves Victorion the only functional Autobot combiner against Devastator, Menasor, Bruticus, possibly Predaking, and Abominus if the POTP line has any in-story advertising. Great... ¬_¬
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okamiandlinkloverHobbyist Traditional Artist
Only Rook was killed off. The rest of the Protectobots are okay. 
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Nothing has been confirmed either way; Roberts' now-deleted tweet said that three characters were definitely dead and everyone else was non-fatal -- so Atomizer, Mirage and Rook are gone but it still means reforming Defensor is off the table for the foreseeable, even if they upscale Groove to standard-size and give him his traditional role as Defensor's right leg. Roberts also has form for killing off fan-favourite characters for shock value and/or because he can, and would be the first to tell anyone how much he really doesn't like combiners. Many readers seem to be gathering around the opinion that with the appearance of Unicron in the wider context, the shit is beginning to hit the collective fan and Roberts may have been instructed to tie up plot threads as quickly as possible - either because he's running out of issues to tell the story with or because Lost Light itself is being wrapped up due to declining sales. Either way, we won't see Defensor again, and it's still a really shitty way to kill off so many fan-favourite characters for no more reason than he wrote himself into a corner; he spent 3 issues winding up to this big faceoff between Getaway and the Protectobots/Defensor, only to wave a Star Sabre-shaped middle finger salute at everyone because he can't kill Getaway yet.
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I can understand your feelings about it, but I feel this complaint is better suited if directed to James Roberts and IDW.
I have nothing to do with this book anymore and I don't agree with the direction it has taken since it's new branding under the Lost Light title.
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Not complaining at you directly, dude; your work is awesome and I have no issues with it or you yourself. Just venting, probably not the best place for it... -_-;;
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Toys man. It's just all about those toys man.
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Combiners are always fan favourites; that was part of Hasbro's logic for basing an entire event line around them, because they knew it would sell toys like hotcakes, even if some of those toys were less than what fans hoped for. Roberts killing off Defensor was a dick move, however you look at it.
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Rose-HunterHobbyist Traditional Artist
very cool work  :clap:
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