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TF Drift issue 2 cover

so i saw this online, so i guess it's ok to put up here. the more hype i can generate for the book the better :)

so this is the second issue cover. it has a bunch of new characters on it that i got to design. i'm not really going to go into it right now. you'll just have to read the book to find out who these guys are. ;p


edits: whoops, i was so in a rush to get this up and go out that i forgot to put the credit up for the pic. well let me do that right now.
and....done. hopefully josh won't hit me ;)

lineart by :iconmarkerguru: that be me LD
colours by :icondyemooch: he be too cool for this pic ;p

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hi Mr. Alex, Can you name them all for me? aside from drift. Who are these auto bots? what are the name of this troop? or group? Is this the autobot police force in cybertron and lead by drift? =)
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The knights of cybertron from spot light drift IDW

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Still one of my favorites. <3 And I would give my first born to see Wing's alt-mode. And know the name of the guy next to him. He appears in the end of 3/start of 4 right?
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This is amazing!!!
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Even though it's a bit odd to see futuristic robots with other weapons besides gun, I think I prefer close combat weapons. They usually create more dynamic fighting scenes. Cool picture and it's nice to see more female Transformers (though I still can't wrap my mind around why robots would have genders XD)
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really got to get me this comic
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i saw this in the drift comic book, its amazing! I love this pic!!!
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This is awesome! These transformers remind me of Gundam. I like the Gundam like designs since it works.
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what are there names dude?
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If you need a fencing transformer so bad, use Star Saber from Transformers Victory. Not Drift. Plus, making him a part of a third Transformer faction makes him more of a gary stu than being a former Decepticon did.
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i find it interesting that you think i have anything to do with the story or use of this character. i only draw the book, and have no real input into the story. i might give out a couple ideas, but in the end, it's idw, and shane that have the control over the use and what story will be.
so if you have a problem with the character and the story, may i suggest telling them about it. also i just want to say that anything drift hate related isn't to be posted on my page. that topic i think is better suited for the transformers forums where you can get into good debates about it. this is just my gallery where i show off the work ive done, and am currently working on. it's not a forum to discuss why drift sucks. so if it's alright with you, can you keep those comments to the forums please. thanks.
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Oops. Sorry. Drift just gets me riled up. I apologize.
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not a problem. just remember to keep stuff like that to the tf forums :)
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*slinks off to a corner*
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Great cover - the amount of details you can put in each TF is amazing!
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thanks man. i do enjoy making some detailed tf's ;)
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My only criticism is that it's a little hard to focus on the guys in the background, but maybe that's just my eyes. XD

Otherwise, this is an excellent cover! Very big and epic, much like a Struzan movie poster. It's kind of like what team-up covers SHOULD look like, except now they're all just "running at the reader". Good for you for defying convention.

And Josh DID do an awesome job with the colors.
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Holy mother of Primus...

I need a change of pants. This is too awesome to it.

Swords > Guns for sure on this piece of art! Excellent work!
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A bunch of Gundamformers.

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