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TF Drift issue 04 page 22

so i wasn't sure if i really wanted to upload interior pages from the drift series. however since this is what i think is a cool looking splash page i feel it's fine to put here.
so this is the final page for the drift mini. i really had a lot of fun drawing this page. i had just gotten the drift toy so i really wanted to draw the toy. i also looked at the original design that Guido did, so i wanted to add elements from that as well.
so here it is. i won't really go into it more, i'll just say it was a lot of fun.
the only other thing i could say is that Josh did a great job with this page. i got a load of tingles when i saw it. it's one of my favourites that he's done for the series.

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me
colors :icondyemooch: the color master :)

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Drift needs to have his own film trilogy!
Beelzeskull06's avatar
I love Drift he is soo cool!!
Phenometron's avatar
He should totally be at peace more often.
HachimakiX23's avatar
ailgara's avatar
ho Drfit, my favorite cybertronian !!
Spiritstrike91's avatar
Beautiful! Simply beautiful work there, mate! Drift has always been my favourite character, and I think you captured the feeling of the scene spot on.
LadyBarricade643's avatar
he is so handsome..
RMagicKnight's avatar
Hmmmm....Me thinks it needs more swords.
MobiusZero's avatar
holy shit, I love this
Rapa-Nuiz's avatar
Beautiful picture! =)
Starshad0wz's avatar
OMG! I have been searching for this pic after I've seen the Drift comic! *favs*
Necro-Ambrosiaster's avatar
Nice touch with the Cherry blossoms
ApeCape92's avatar
Now that's epic love the katana on the autobot so original
BubbleTea19's avatar
Drift is one of my favourite characters! :D
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Another exllcent one here
Ajustice90's avatar
I just read the book at Books-A-Million today and loved it.
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Loveeeeeee this page.
Waa~~~!! It's so wonderful!!! T_T
Drift is My favorite TF Character. This picture makes me mad~~@_@
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After interviewing Josh and finding out HOW MUCH time went into that rock... and it coming out as gorgeous as it did... this is one of my favorite full splash pages! You guys put so much intention in your art. IT'S AMAZING!!
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yes i agree. Josh is awesome. it was so cool how he rendered this page :)
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Awesome as always!!!!
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