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TF Drift issue 04 cover

so this cover should be in the previews for the upcoming comics in october so i guess i can show it here.
this is the last issue cover of the drift mini series.
i love the way josh colored it

lineart :iconmarkerguru:
colors :icondyemooch:


ps. this is my he-man style cover ;p
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This. Is. Amazing. I love it! Driftsy is one of my favorites. Makes me happy.
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This picture is very uplifting and inspiring.
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Not only is he a ninja, he's a TRANSFORMER ninja.
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Robotic Transforming Ninjas are the best kind of ninjas!
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you got the touch! You got the power!
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somehow I can hear that song playing when I see this picture EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Love the bright colours and the character poses!

Drift looks awesome, and the character design was stunning
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thanks. it was a fun cover to work on.
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I already collected all the covers so far.

I would love if you can autograph my collection of your comics XD
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well if your ever around at a con i'm at, i'd be more happy to scribble on your books ;p
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hehe, pity I am in singapore. I would love to go to botcon and meet you as well as other TF artists.
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Markerguru, huh ? Well, you certainly are to me. Your artwork on Transformers is simply outstanding, all way around but at least two stand out to me: The Reign of Starscream and Megatron Origin. The scene in M.O. where Megs takes his helmet off and opens the appendages on his head is a friggin´masterpiece. And now I can see that you´ve done it again, with Drift...Eyecandy, Man. Love it and will follow the story
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Markerguru,huh. Well you certainly are to me. I have fallen utterly in love with all your Transformers work, but The reign of Starscream and Megatron origin stands out to me as some of the most breathtaking and beautiful work I have ever seen. The scene in Meg origin when he opens the appendages on his head blew me away. And I can see, with your work on Drift that you have done it again. Spectacular. Superior. I LOVE your work. ALL HAIL ALEX MILNE
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thanks. glad you enjoy the art. not sure what more to say to this since you've taken the time to let me know what you think. it's always nice to hear feedback from people who enjoy the work i've done. i had fun on both projects you mentioned. hopefully you'll enjoy drift aswell :)
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Oh you can be sure of that!! I love transformers no matter what, but I find that you are THE artist for the comics. There are so many of your pics that leave me drooling. I had one of your pencil sketches blown up to poster size to hang on my wall ( the one with Thundercracker and Flatline). When I saw it the first time, you could have knocked me over with a feather, I LOVE IT. But yes, Drift is every bit as gorgeous as the rest of your work. I already have #1 and awaits the rest eagerly. You are my official Transformer-god
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This is incredible work. And I've already preordered the book!
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cool. hopefully you'll enjoy it :)
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Darnit, now I have the urge to go buy the old He-man series. :lol: Anyways, this cover looks awesome! It rocks!
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