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TF Drift issue 03 cover

so i saw this was online and Josh posted it up aswell so i guess i can post it too :D

this is my cover to the 3rd issue of the Drift mini series i've been working on.
this cover has drift and lockdown on it.
it was really cool to be able to draw lockdown in this series.
well enjoy

lineart :iconmarkerguru:
colors :icondyemooch:

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Probably my favorite cover of all times
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How is this not in my favourites? Its two of my favourite characters on an epic cover...Must get for Christmas! :iconwantplz:
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omg they look so darn awesome!!O.ó!
just... awesoooomeee!! >D!

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FFFFFF this is the sex. I can't wait to buy the next issue! This series brought back my love of TF after a few years slumber! B)
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i'm glad you enjoy it :)
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Okay so maybe you can answer this cus this rumor has been allover the net..
I read some where that Drift and LD and OS are brothers?
Is that true or do you not know?
Just wondreing
great art.
LD as no neck.
but thats LD for you
thanks for posting
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i assume LD stands for Lockdown. who is OS stand for?
but as far as i know, they are not brothers. but that would be interesting if it did turn out that way.
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Oil Slick.. he is con to..its just a rumor but I have to admit.. itd be awsome
Lockdown? as in, from Animated? Whoa, I liked his character in TF:A, and that design looks promising.
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Is this based on the Autobot Drift toy?
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no, it's based on the drift from spotlight drift. so before he got to earth.
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I knew Lockdown was badass, but I didnt know he could get THAT badass :faint:.
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Lockdown's going to be in this series? Awesome! He looks so badass here. Nice job dude!
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The RoTF lockdown was a really well-designed toy--we ended up picking that one over the animated Lockdown when we went to purchase one. I am SO glad to see him featuring somewhere, but the fact that it's you drawing him really clinches it for me. Did you get to do any re-designing on him, or is it straight from the toy?
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i originally did a who new design, but hasbro wanted me to use this toy, so i did a few tweaks to him to make him have a bit of a more G1 look, but still retain most of the ROTF toy look.
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Oh, dude, do you still have those other design sketches? I really like seeing your interpretations.
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the ones for lockdown? yeah i still have them.
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Do they classify as things you're allowed to show~?
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I'm doing it myself, but since ROTF Lockdown was the basis for G1 Lockdown, I guess that makes the ROTF Deluxe Lockdown figure unofficially part of the Generations toyline!

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