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TF Drift TPB Cover

since this is out in stores now, i guess i can show it off here :)
this is the cover art for the Drift TPB.
now this was something that i had talked to the editor about. i figured that it would be nice if the trade had a new piece of art for the cover. i know that i like it when i buy a collected book and get a new cover instead of using one of the other covers.
usually there isn't a budget for it, so i offered to do it for free. i just really wanted to have a new cover. i thought it would be a nice gift for the fans who bought the single issue and were willing to buy the trade.
the only thing i would have liked more is for the trade to be a larger page count, then i would have added a lot more extras in in. but i like what they put in there for the space provided.
as for the cover. i just wanted a really simple cover with just drift on it. then i thought it would be interesting to have drift, and his former self deadlock on it. so i came up with a wrap around cover for the trade. i came up with a design that would leave enough room for the text they print on the back.
i didn't want anything going on in the background. i wanted it to be white so that the characters would stand out. also drift is white, so i thought it would make the his trade stand out more, and also like it with AHM where he first shows up.
as always Josh did the colors and i think they turned out fabulous :D i always enjoy working with him.
well i better get back to work
enjoy :)

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me :)
colors :icondyemooch: he have tiny fists of color fury :D

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Gosh how incredible! I do like this style of yours^^ I hope you'll do some kind of action scenes someday with your work~ I'm just suggesting is all^^
321NeoHero's avatar
I love drift!! He should get his own movie!
Phenometron's avatar
He's a pretty complex Cybertronian.
Kiba928's avatar
From Deadlock(before) to Drift(after), love it!
Phenometron's avatar
Drift should have a role on "Transformers: Prime."
DarkPanik's avatar
You are...such an amazing artist....that's all I can say right now. I'm too busy staring at Drift to say much else. XD
MikeOrion's avatar
Your art style for transformers is awesome. :)
slipstream99's avatar
awesome pic i love drift omg omg not to many people know about him lol lol to bad for them :)
slipstream99's avatar
u are amazing!!!! i <3 drift hes soooo cool :)
AUJEANPAS's avatar
Drift and hs darkside :)
skywalkerbot's avatar
u2 r a kick ass combo
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because thats what i wanted.
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All the Drift issues were pretty much eye-sex. And so is this cover :T

Seriously awesome~
markerguru's avatar
wow. eye sex. thats a cool term :)
PriscillaTR's avatar
I once wrote the same thing on twitter and Denton said that would be a one of the TPB quotes... I guess he lied >_>
markerguru's avatar
i would have loved that :) if only we had more room for it :D
IggySeymour's avatar
And I will be buying this comic!!!! :la:
ladyofwreck's avatar
oh wow! I like... it's like half come to the dark side, half come to the light side! YUM! CAN'T WAIT to get my copies! =D

And as always both of you guys did a WONDERFUL JOB again! Will be treasured!
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glad you like it. it was a fun time working on it.
thats a neat point about the cover. i never really thought about it that was. but now that you've mentioned it, thats pretty cool :)
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