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TF Drift Empire of Stone issue 01 cover

here is the cover i did for the first issue of the new upcoming Drift Mini series called Drift: Empire of Stone
i enjoyed being able to draw Drift again since he left MTMTE.
I also enjoyed working with Josh Perez on this since we did the last Drift min series together. it was like old times again :)

lineart by :iconmarkerguru:  me
colours by :icondyemooch: a man of infinite talent :)

transformers Drift:EOS ©IDW Publishing

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© 2014 - 2021 markerguru
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Omg, it's so awesome!! This was a great comic, as well as the series of him before. I have a fiance who's been a super megafan since childhood, but I didn't really care for it... Drift made me care... And because of it, he is by far my favorite character.
Great job, man. Thank you and the other people behind the drift miniseries for making me fall in love with Transformers too ;w;
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I've read the comic it was epic!
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:worship: I want iiiiiit :music: I want it sooo baaaad :music:
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Awesome! I hava fallen in love with every bot you have drawn so far xD hahaa. Seriously, you have transformed many beasts into beauties. Thanks!
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So guess drift is low on spare parts seeing as he seems to be using some of his Con parts. Nice look.
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Yessssssssss!!!! finally <3 my heart is beating again!!!
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Both the outline and coloring look great! You two did lovely!
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wonderful work!!!! happy to see so many details of Drift and longer bunny ears XDDDD
LightOurDarkestHour's avatar
Such a glorious comeback. Beautiful as always.
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So excited to see what's become of our favorite weeaboo bot. :3
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So wonderful to see Drift come back! I was so sure the DJD had gotten him QAQ
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Line art is incredible. 
Phenometron's avatar
Bravo on Drift. ^-^
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Mild screaming. <3 Your linework is SO TIIIIGHTTT MMMM <333
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Love it well done!
IzzyPrime21's avatar
Yay for Drift!
Also, this looks awesome (:
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Tremendous job as always from both of you especially the whole layout and the amount of details besides the colouring.
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Drift-sama is back!  And Ratchet's along for the ride!  Those two made a great double-act.
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