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TF Drift 01 page 01

so i was looking at the page that was up on the forums and i think i'll post it up here too so you can see it a bit larger.

so on this page we have Deadlock, which will become Drift later on. I had fun designing him. i had many different designs i was trying but i was asked to keep him somewhat close to drift so that we could tell he was going to become drift.

originally this page was colored differently, it was an afternoon setting, but it was decided to make that character stand out better to change it to day time. i can see why this change was made and i still like how it looks, but i like the original even better. hopefully Josh will post that up someday :)

so we have tones of mayhem going on ( and no, not that crappy mayhem comic. geeze, why did i spend 10 bucks on that? oh yeah, for that laughs i got from reading it and ripping it apart with Josh ;p )

so here is page 01
hope you enjoy
lates :D

lineart :iconmarkerguru: be me :)
colors :icondyemooch: be he, and he be a spinin' ball of colorin' fury

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is this the real deadlock/drift story or just something you and your friend made up?
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I say. I like this very much; :B
Now THAT's playing dirty. Nice to see an actual personification of him as a decepticon.

Looks like the type to cheat to win, where later he's quite the opposite.
Omniversal's avatar
Cool..!! So "Japanese inspired".
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Is IDW going to come out with a
spotlight Deadlock and like how he became Drift?
markerguru's avatar
the drift mini series is going to tell that.
Blackwolfe6196's avatar
When will it be out?
markerguru's avatar
around september
Blackwolfe6196's avatar
Thanks. I can hardly wait!
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Your art is so detailed. Crazy. I really dig your distinctive style.
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There is only one words I can think of to describe Deadlock's design: KILLER! This also fitting to the art, the coloration and the overall madness going on! :P Nice to see those "G2-ers" there. Only one thing would make this better: A toy of this bad-ass! :devilish:
markerguru's avatar
i would like a toy as well :)
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Well he certainly looks like a happy camper, doesn't he? :lol: I see it's been mentioned before, but nice touch with the G2 charcters...rather 'convienent' that BotCon is doing a G2 them this year mind you ;)
markerguru's avatar
yeah it's funny that i put them in there, then i find out botcon is doing them.
it's cool. there might be even more surprises in issue 2 ;)
operative274's avatar
loloh now you're just teasing sir :lol:
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argh the focus of the first panel... @_@ me and my screwed-up head...
Do ya think? XD
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I bet bots were running away from him.
markerguru's avatar
they were running since he wanted to have them sing mr roboto with him ;p
victortky's avatar
either that, or he's just too awesome that he blinded everyone there.
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