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TF: Drift 01 cover

ok, so it's been a while since i posted anything really new up here, and now you'll see why.
thanks to my boss Chris Ryall and his cool blog he has shown off the cover and the first page to the new Drift mini series that i am currently working on.
so since it's already shown off there, i guess i can post it up here for you to see.
i had a lot of fun working on this cover. while talking it over with my editor Denton we came up with this idea of having the setting sun design in the image so it would relate to the spotlight drift cover that had that design. it also helped to break up the background images nicely.
as for the character, well i gave him a few tweaks so he would fit into my style of drawing, but also a few to make him a bit more functional.
this is an origin story of Drift. we'll get to see how he turned from a decepticon named Deadlock (which i had fun designing :) ) into the character we now know.
well i better get back to work
hope you enjoy the pic
later :)

Lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me :)
colors :icondyemooch: he be awesome :D


Transformers Drift will be a 4 issue bi-weekly book starting in September and October.
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Whoa!~ This is just Epic Awesome!~ :iconclapplz:
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love the way this turned out
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how do i upload i picture a drew onto devient art
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Oh i like Drift.., cool new TF character..
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Very VERY cool layout Alex - he seems to be gaining some ground in popularity as of late :D
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yeah this was the best way i think to have a series of images in the background that related to what was going on in the comic. the rising sun element provided a good way to break things up. it also stands out pretty well and thats what you want when the book is on a comic shelf.
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he looks... different. From Casey's Drift... not so Japanese-looking, I guess.
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well i don't draw like Casey.
but i don't know. i did tweak the head for to give him a more samurai helmet. but you can't tell from this pic. guess when i get to post more then you'll be able to see.
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yeah. Sorry if I upset you... ^_^"
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oh... maybe I interpreted your reply wrongly; you seemed kinda tense. (Kinda hard to tell with just words, I guess.) You're pretty busy, huh?
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yeah, things are pretty busy right now.
abarai-san's avatar
well then, I won't bug you anymore. Have a nice day! ^w^
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i didn't say you were bugging me either. just i'm busy. so bug or talk all you want. if i have the time i'll reply, if not, then i won't. just that simple. but your not bugging me :)
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Love the pose and the composition - cracking work!
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Nice job! Reminds me of a samurai of ancient japan.
BHS-ArchetypeRex's avatar
Ahhhhh the details!

And YES for TEETH. One of my favorite things about your transformers besides the AWESOME detail you put into them, kind sir.

This is gorgeous work.
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thanks :) glad you like it.
hopefully i'll keep up doing what you like :)
BHS-ArchetypeRex's avatar
I don't see how you couldn't, sir. Hehehe. Take care!
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I just died with joy when I saw this piece. I love drift so much. One of the best TFs I have ever seen
markerguru's avatar
he does look pretty cool looking :)
victortky's avatar
indeed, he was awesome...I liked his action scenes and of course, I have a soft spot for Transformers with blades.
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