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TF Destiny Defiance 02 cover

By markerguru
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so i thought i'd post this up today.
this is the cover for issue 02 of defiance.
i can't remember when these book will be out, but it should be sometime this month.
i like the red glow that josh did coming off megatron. i can see the evil oozing out of him. it be neat looking.

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me :D
colors :icondyemooch: he be the man for colors :)

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I wish this Megatron returns...
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Awesome artwork :)
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Jeepers, I wouldn't want to be in the presence of Megatron even on his good days.
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Is that Prime before he reached earth?
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yes. they're still on Cybertron in this picture. It's when Megatron was just tainted by the Fallen.
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Is their a comic to this?
DracoTyrannus's avatar
Awesome! Could you send me a link, please?:)
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I would, but I don't know where to find a link.
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Oh man, this is just awesome. It's making fangirl. ^^. Really this is just wonderful.
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Oh my gosh! This is awesome! Poor Optimus. He already had been canned by Megatron in the first film...but this...ohhh dear. I can't wait to read the comic and see the second film!
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Man, I miss your style. Whoever is drawing Defiance is making all kinds of inconsistencies that you would not have made. I guess you have other things that you need to do, though. You've probably got your hands full with Alliance.

Well, at least you're doing the covers!
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:wow:WOW Exactly like the movie!
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Another amazing job from both you and Josh for sure.
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thanks. i think he did a great job.
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Always a pleasure.
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LOL - Nothin' beats oozing evil, especially when it's a sneak attack!

As always, your linework and color collaboration with dyemooch are top notch. :D
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Really cool! I think its cool to see Megs fighting protoform Prime. Does this take place long before the movie?
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Great job. Your art never ceases to amaze me. Fantastic coloring job too.
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Wonderful work as always, had you done many movie characters before?
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well, every since the first movie came out i've been drawing them.
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I was just going back over your art, I've missed a lot of late. But I guess getting ready for another year of costumes will do that to you.
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