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TF Destiny Defiance 01 alt cov

By markerguru
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so i saw this online, so i guess i can throw it up here now.
so this is the incentive cover for defiance.
i was happy for the most part with it, but after i finished it i felf like i could have added a few more characters. oh well.

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Why don't you color this?
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Well I decided that I'd just post up the lines and let the colourist post up the colours on their DA page.
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But there's still no one color this picture until now
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this is really great i love it ^_^ im trying to learn how to do line art like this as well as drawing megatron and the others in this style, but is it okay if i look at this as a guide for the ROTF scene im doing of megatron. I will put this picture in my description as a : thumb : :). It is okay if you say no i clearly understand.
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I can pick megatron and prime out pretty easily, but what about the others?
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well , you have starscream, blackout, ironhide, and ratchet
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You know what I love about this? You draw them RIGHT. Whoever drew the actual pages made Ratchet look like Landmine and gave Prime a fleshy mouth.
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I love this. So much. The poses are incredible and Megatron is just like.... grr.

Do you know if the colored version is posted on DA anywhere? :3 I'm also curious -- what do you use as tools of trade?
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no, the colors haven't been posted yet.

i use a mechanical pencil, and micron tech pens for inking.
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thought you said you didn't like the movie bots???
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I don't. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate them being done right.
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Very nice indeed!
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Man, you have serious skills! =,O
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eh, this could have been better. i had to rush to get it done. but its ok. i always think of how i can make it better after i finish. then i'm like, why didn't i do that in the first place.
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whoa.....protoforms really looks wicked!!!!
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I think you already have done a tremendous job here so no worries at all.
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I love it, but I think Megatron's face came out a bit flat.
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I just figured that I would try to add some constructive criticism even though you are a pro who regularly does artwork that's pure awesome. Rock on. I have a subscription to this series and I am very very happy so far!
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Excellent Job! The detail is mind-blowing!!
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Hey, it's amazing!
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Megatron is alive?
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