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TF Destiny_Alliance 03 cover

By markerguru
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i don't know if its ok to put it up right now, but i've been itching to show it off for a while now.
this is the cover to issue 3 of alliance.
i'll let everyone take a stab at who the characters are on the cover. we'll see who gets them all.
alliance 3 comes out of February 18th for anyone who wants to know.

lineart :iconmarkerguru:
colors :icondyemooch:


edit: ok, since i don't want people going speculating to much into this pic then they should, i'll let you know who the bots are.
the decepticon shown on this cover are: fracture, reverb, jetstorm, and gunbarrel. not in that order. i'll just let you guess which is which. it should be pretty easy now right? enjoy :)

note: no new movie characters shown here. so to anyone who guess soundwave, you be wrong.
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Those 'Cons look somewhat like Protoforms........
ygolover222's avatar
Which con is which?

And uh.... what happened to Optimus?
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All decepticons except for Optimus.


WAHOOO LET'S ROCK AND ROLLER!!!!! LOL roller reference. I love that little go-cart.
SarahPrime's avatar
I like it :)
Jinbeizamezama's avatar
let me see. . . jetstorm/soundwave sunstreaker (woo) i dunno i dunno
Trazura's avatar
Stop groping Optimus' windowboobs! :noes:
joemcatap's avatar
i thought the one on the right was ironhide
WolfSkye's avatar
:ohnoes: Not Optimus! My, anyways Nice job! :D
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dude i just bought that issue today, man your art is CRAZY AWESOME.
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thanks. glad you enjoyed it.
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dude i keep reading it and appreciating it more and more, and i went looking for the other issues today. managed to get everything but Defiance#1 :3 i want to fanglomp you so badly right now :glomp:
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I hope they don't go that way in the Live Action sequel.

Although it would stay true to the original animated movie they should try and create something new and original in its own right (Something that hollywood is lacking these days.), much like all the other animated shows and comic after it did.

Oh yea almost forgot Amazing art dude!!!
(lol I got caught up in what I was writing)
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OMG! Makes me want to see the sequel movie more and more than ever! I'm guessing that those Decepticons could be the Constructicons, but that's just a guess. ;P
Neurquadic's avatar
Amazing color and angle! Just the over all composition is great! :heart: Wow!
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Prime: "Over my dead body!" :salute:

:rofl: agh, I couldn't resist...
anyway, beautiful lineart. as usual. :]

I hope Prime's ok though... ^^;
blackdragon21's avatar
looks like someone is about to have his spark ripped out by loyal fans. hehehe
PriscillaTR's avatar
Awesome cover! My favorite so far! I love the composition here!
And man, the dirty on the hands/prime look sexy *O* Josh did a great job!
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yeah, he knows his textures. i like the scuffed metal on prime. it looks sexy and just like the movie.
fiore-frostfire's avatar
OMG...poor ol' prime.... his been totally ravaged by four decepticons!!!! i wonder if in the movie,the matrix of leadership still exist?....just wondering ^^;
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Oooh, the movie version of Fracture looks much cooler than the Universe/Expanded Movie version.
AZtekh2003's avatar
I agree!! Emphatically even!!

The Renegade Dominatrix looks better than ever!!

Thank you good sir!!
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