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TF Destiny_Alliance 02 cover


ok, so this is the cover for issue 2 of alliance.
it features starscream taking on wreckage.
now i'm not going to say what's going on in the issue. also you see that screamer has a bit of a new paint job. i won't be commenting on that, so please don't ask about that, you'll just have to wait and find out.
it was a fun cover to do, but also a pain in the ass at the same time.
i enjoy the way it turned out in the end. it did make me feel sorry for josh when i finished it, since it had a lot going on.
this book will be out sometime in january if any are interested.

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me :D
colors :icondyemooch: he be the man ;)

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This is a cool picture! Well done!

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freakin' awesome!!!
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Ah, man, I love these two. Wreckage was my first movie toy. :heart:

I really love the dramatic composition in this piece. :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Okay, just curious, why is Starscream fighting a decepticon? Does that dude, fighting Starscream, want to be a leader to or somethin?


Still, that's really good!! ^-^
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he's fighting that other decepticon because he feels that this one betrayed the decepticons, which he kinda did in the story.
as for prime, well he has to be alright if he's in the 2nd movie and this book is set before the 2nd movie.
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and again, excellent work!! ^-^
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These covers are amazing! Where can you purchase the issues of the alliance and the reign of Starscream? Is it a picture novel?
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there comic books. i guess the best place to find them is a comic book store. but the trade edition for ROS is in some book stores. alliance's trade isn't out yet, but it will be before the next movie in june.
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Okay thanks! Your covers are making me wish to buy them! Again, amazing job! Your artwork is phenomenal! :XD:
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What the? Did Starscream beat up Prime? Inconceivable!
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I can't wait to pick this up Wed. ( or so I was told by the comic store) I enjoyed the first one ( even though the comic store took forever and a day, need to find a better store) and I smiled at Optimus' driver. Keep up the awesome work.
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I absolutely loved the first issue, which I had the pleasure of picking up at a nice little store in St. Paul during the holidays, and I eagerly await the second installment. Good job on Optimus' holographic driver, it's a very good likeness. :lol: When does that one come out?
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are you asking when the movie comes out? i do believe that it comes out in june.
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No, no, I meant the second issue in the "Alliance" series. Sorry!
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that should be the second last week in january.
Gozer-The-Destroyor's avatar
Cool! I'll pick it up when it comes out.

Two questions:
-Are there any blogs or websites that will report the release dates of Alliance, like what Reign of Starscream had?

-Is Defiance a separate storyline, or is it being released alongside of Alliance?
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i'd just check tfw2005 or idw's site for the release dates.
i found out that issue 2 of alliance will be out on the 14th of january.

defiance is a separate storyline about what happened before the war with the decepticons and autobots.
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Unbelieveable. It's amazing just how you two can create such mind-blowing pieces of work.
Seeing the level of detail in your linearts then him being able to create such vivid colors and effects makes my head splode. I seriously question how Josh was able to color this without smashing his head against the desk/keyboard. :XD:

And Optimus is on the ground. sigh, typical..
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so let's talk about Arcee's paintjob... lol

great work bro, looking hot as ever
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thats because there standing in fire ;)
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"I'm a fire and i'll burn burn burn tonight, i'm a fire and i'll burn burn burn tonight"... cool Starscreams a scottish rockband lol (Biffy Cyro)
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Is Alliance no.2 available for pre-order yet?

You and Josh did a fantastic job on the art for Alliance no. 1 by the way! Can't wait to read more!
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i'm not sure when it comes out. i think its the second last week in january but i'm not sure.
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