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TF Destiny_Alliance 01 cover

so i saw that this was up on the web already, so i guess i can throw it up here.
this is the cover for the first issue of the new movie comic i'm currently working on. its set before the second movie, so i don't know what characters from the new movie will be in it, or if there will be any at all. that all depends on the powers that be to decide such thing.
this cover is the final finished cover. the one thats on tfw is the first draft, but josh added some more color goodness to it, and this is the final result.
i'm happy with most of it. there are a few things that i could now have drawn differently, but overall its ok. the color makes it look niffty in my opinion.
well i guess i should get back to work on the book

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colors :icondyemooch:

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It's awesome!!!:wow:
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That is an awesome Cover design! Did you use a revamped version of Megatron for the top guy, cause he looks like the old megatron, but at the same time he doesn't...??
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thats wreakage from the movie toyline.
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never really liked the new movie always felt like they were just trying too hard on it...It almost looks like the megatron design from the new set that that's supposed to be set prior to the FIRST movie...sorta
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Saw this in the comic book store the other day... it's funny, but I prefer the cover on dA as opposed to in person! :XD: You can see the details so much better.
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thats because you see the image at full size instead of srunk down for comic book size. but also its a bit brighter on screen also.
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I only just noticed that you sneaked The Fallen in here!

(Note to others: look at the glowing orange shapes above the head of Wreckage. Those are his eyes).
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Geez, you do an amazing job... You are my fav TF artist. :nod:
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whos the big mean lookin guy hovering over everyone?
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Fan-freakin'-tastic. Reign of Starscream was a blast and I'll definitely be lookin' out for this one, too.
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thanks. not sure if it will be as good as ROS.
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Everything about this is awesome. :O Awesome. Gotta wait another frikin' month for it though. Argh.

So you do use references when you draw movie designs of the 'bots? Or you do it from memory?
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you have to wait another 2 months for it. it comes out sometime in december.
i sometimes use reference, but also i do some by memory.
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Yeah, that's what I meant. :XD: I meant to put "another frikin' month after this one."

Well you're awesome in my eyes. I can hardly do any TF movie stuff from memory at all. :P Except for maybe Prime's hand and stuff I make up. (lol) Still workin' at it.
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This is positively fantastic work. (And not just because I'm a fan of Wreckage.) I can't wait for the comic. :excited:
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Great job! What is this comic about?
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you'll have to wait and see.
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Transformers are my favorite and this cover is just fantastic! I can't wait for the comic.
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aw come on! you got insider information on the sequel? uh-uh now you gotta break us off some of that ear candy homes!
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