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TF Destiny_Alliance 01 alt cov

By markerguru
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so now since the first issue of alliance is out in stores i'm going to guess it's alright to post up the alt cover for the book.
i tried something different with this cover. i'm happy with parts of it, but it was interesting to use this style. i think i'll try it again at some point, but not right now.

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Your style of crosshatch shading is really cool. When I first picked up the comic I carried it around showing it to everyone saying "Just look at the detail!" I'd ask how long it took... but I kinda don't want to know. :XD:
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that one took 8-10 hours
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real amazing i am in a fan of transformers the movie. i just wish i could draw it like you sometime.oh yeah i would hope to learn from you,hehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!continue pleezzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Every square centimeter is just full of detail. This must have been a time consuming piece.
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did it in a day. more then 12 hours, but less then 24, so somewhere in that time range. can't remember the exact time.
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thats just amazing.... i cant draw mecha to save my life! i tried drawing bee movie style, but it didnt turn out right. ive always enjoyed coloring though... and i would be ecstatic if i could color one of yours.

who are the other two transformers?
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Amazing lines! Absolutely amazing! The detail is so... so.... ahhh, no words can describe. Thanks for sharing!
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I don't know what else to say except...FREAKING AWESOME!

By thy side,

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Is it just me? Or BB is making a victory gesture by his right crossing hand??:D
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thank you. i tried something different. there are still a few things i want to do different with it, but for now its good enough.
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Apple and I were supposed to meet at the comic store to get the issue with this cover, but she was really late. I bought one while waiting for her and by the time she got there it was discovered that mine was the last one they had. Scowling followed. lD I dig the funky hatching business in the shadows. :]
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thanks. i went for something different. i'm no longer happy with it since all i can see now are the mistakes i made, but i guess it means that the next time i do a cover like this i won't make those mistakes again.
yeah, i heard about that. i told her that i have a few copies of that cover that idw gave to me, so she could have one. if i had none that you wanted that cover also, i could have given one to you aswell. better to give them to people who'll read them, then just letting them collect dust on my self.
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Ah, well, at least this way I contributed to somebody's royalty check. :P
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not mine since i don't get paid royalties. so you just lined someones pockets at idw, or hasbro. i just get food stamps to live off of ;)
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Mmm, tasty tasty food stamps.
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I think thist style is awesome! While the robots are awesome as usual, I see some improvement in you're drawing of humans. The humans you drew in this picture look MUCH MORE like the actors they are supposed to represent, than in previous drawings. Congratulations.

Just some constructive criticism.
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yeah, but that was a mistake on my part when i started to draw them. i remember that i'm not really suppose to draw them looking like the actors since there are actors likeness issues and other things dealing with copyrights. thats why i stick to a cartoon style for the most part.
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woah! awesome!!!!
thats quiet an art there!!!!!
me wonder if you dont get dizzy doing that....

in my case i would get dizzy.... coz me lazy hehehe ^^;
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Long time non seen anything , wel welcome one more time guro, nicer
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The fact that you hand drew this doubles it's AWESOMENESS! It's amazing.
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You certainly have done an excellent job especially how you put so many things into the cover.
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The humans look improved over your first go around.
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