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TF Defiance issue 04 cover

By markerguru
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so here is my cover to the last issue of defiance.
i wanted to do something different, but also get the feeling for what would go on in the issue.
now i won't say what will happens.
so i went with a close up of megatron. i felt it worked best, and to have in standing in fire but without seeing the fire, just the glow from it.
i really enjoy the way josh colored this. i was very happy when i saw it colored.
well back to work

lineart :iconmarkerguru:
colors :icondyemooch:

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MYGOSH..he looks like a mechanic lion... Demonic and BRILLIANT! XD
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(sorry for double comment XP)
WOOO. I love ROTF Megatron to death. :iconirapeitplz:
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OMG... I'm scared... :fear: RUN!!! :sprint:
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Splend'd work I ador' the talent, It's like I can feel the intensity
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That's completely awesome, I wish I could draw Movietron as well as you (I suck at drawing robots in general, but movieverse is even harder :cries:) and =dyemoochalso gets kudos for this because of his fantastic coloring skills. I can't wait to cread the comic, but its not out were I live yet, I hope its as awesome as this makes it look :blowkiss:
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Holy Slag!! Megatron is one Bad-$%@ bot! Excellent job. I saw this in a comic book store,but I forgot thr publisher's name.
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:O :O :O


I gonna be crazzyy!!!!!xx333
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you 2 make an awesome team... i just bought the first in the series! a great inspiration! thanks!
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"I am the destroyer! I am the conqueror! I am invincible! I am MEGATRON! Bow down to me, filthy metal, or face destrution!".
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it's megatron in all his ugly glory. gret work. thumbz up award.
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thats an insane amount of detail dude :D love it!!
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It looks really cool. :thumbsup:

A question not about Defiance though. Will Arcee's "reformat" be explained at all? In Alliance or future comics?
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maybe, but i can't really talk about it.
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He's so pretty!
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Oh sh't, this is just great - I like this face, angry, cheerful and mysterious in the same time. :alien:
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To tell the truth, I don't really like fireside chats with Megatron either....
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when this came up in FULL VIEW i almost jumped out of my seat! the coloring is great and overall it just looks awesome!
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Megs' brow is like outstretched like he's smirking.
I only wish that he'd become a solid gold statuette as a secret model.

I love the face and intertwined with the color, he keeps his deathly steal while giving off much of the fiery glow.
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