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TF Alliance 02 page 16 lineart

By markerguru
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well since issue 2 off alliance came out in stores today, i thought it would be ok to post this up.
this is one of the pages i like the most out of that issue. it was pretty fun to draw. i'm glad i switched to a gray marker to but on the tatoos. doing it in ink just made it look out of place with the detail screamer has already. this way i can see all his parts and where the tatoos lay on him.

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I must be the only cat here who thinks the movie designs are delicious. Starscream is supposed to be a raptor. A bird of prey. He has legs that fit the bill. Deal, youse guys.
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This is an awesome picture, I loved dynamics. Even if he is a "gorilla chicken", you still make him look cool.

BTW Wreckage's design is awesome.
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you mean gorilla chicken.
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Freaking awesome!!!
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This page is spetacular, i love the tattoos. Markers are awesome! XD
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this is the only page in all of alliance that i feel the love from. it the only page i really had fun with.
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So, my question for you Alex - any idea if the patterns in robot mode and altmode are toy-accurate?
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i don't know. you'd have to ask hasbro about that. i haven't seen the toy. and i would never draw anything for the movie to be toy accurate. i'll always go for trying to make it screen accurate.
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looks great man!!!!!!!!
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Man...Wreckage looks like a horrible him x3
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Great scene! I love the details!
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Hey... It's pretty cool!
I like it!
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OOOOOOOOO cybertrion trible tattoo's!!!!!!!! epic win!
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Great job and really like how he transform in slow motion.
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That is some bodacious use of perspective and angular composition, as always. I can hardly wait for the full story. Seeing your lineart for the TF Movieverse is always a treat. :D
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thanks. glad you like it.
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TF in bottom corner: "OMG WTF OH NOES!!!"

Very dynamic, especially with Starscream transforming. Who's publishing this, just out of curiosity?
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That was my first guess. Thanks.
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Heh, who would have thought some tat's on movie Screamer would make him sexy? LOL I kid, I kid XD Lines are SWEET as always!
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great work. when he hits its gonna hurt!

crazy details. the movie designs are so complicated but you always seem to pull it off quite well. and i agree w/ the tattoos, they'd be lost if you made them black too... there would be no point to adding them cause the colorist would have to just bring them out again
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Ahh, I recieved issue2 yesterday- everything's badass (as usual) :D
"Put a snake in your tank"! I lol'd
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One thing that puzzles me about the tattoos. Doesn't it weaken armor integrity? Being carved in and all?

But they do look great on him. :)
Can't wait for the compiled volume to come out.
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