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RoS issue 3 page 6,7

By markerguru
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ok, so this is the only intereior image from issue 3 that i want to throw up. i had a lot of fun with this one designing thundercrackers cyberton alt mode. i based parts of it on megatron's alt mode, but TC is a smaller then megs. also i strecthed his wings outward more. ah, i drew this in the wee hours of the morning back when doing issue 3. so much fun, and i was listening to the movie "to sir, with love". thats a good movie from back in the day. well hope you all like it.
issue 3 is out in stores now if your wondering.

lineart :iconmarkerguru:
colors :icondyemooch:

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Gotta love the Swindle autobot drone tho how detailed looks at it.
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I absolutely love this version of Thundercracker, both his alt and robot mode is amazing, I only wish I could see more of this ship in detail, see what it looks like up close. One can only dream tho xD 
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U are a Genius!Great layout and composition establishment
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Nice jet form. :)
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I really like your design for Thundercracker and Smokescreen. So, whose the poor bot that bit the dust this time?
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this really looks amazing.
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that is totally awesome!!!
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really awesome details!
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Another gorgeous adaptation from clunky ol' 80s Thundercracker to grand-and-glorious-and-hideously-complicated movie design. You continue to astound me with these guys. :D
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I couldnt belive you trashed Cliffjumper.. i was buzzing to finally see him show up, and then you smashed him to bits :( well okay i wont blame you, i'll blame Chris...infact i might go and write him hate mail right now lol :) awesome issue bro
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yeah, blame chris. ;p
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OOowwww did you get the page embargo email, lol i wonder who's been naughty :P i've got a bunch of pages to post for months now but i know i have to wait and i know you always behave. haha i bet Hasbro kickd off about it
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it's just the guy who did the blurr spotlight. i post covers only and there already solicited by 2 to 3 months before the book comes out, so no big deal there. i don't really care anyways.
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I KNEW IT WAS the Blurr spotlight lol i just had this feeling :) rather ironic, for pages to be shown too fast for a fast talking character :P there are alot worse crimes to commit
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Great job to the both of ya!
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I really like how you've actually made Cliffjumper look different to Bumblebee, he looks bigger and a little more streamlined just like G1.
He even looks angrier which matches his personality. Even in battle the movie version of Bumblebee had a fairly peaceful expression.

And I love Thundercracker's alternate mode as well. It looks very appropriate for his Earth form and different to Starscream's alternate Cybertronian form.

Those two points make it clear that you're even making sure the 'clones' (repaints) look very unique when compared with their G1 counterparts.

But, at the bottom.... Cosmo is dead?!
I'll be buying this for sure.
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By 'for' his Earth form, I mean considering what it actually is.
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it's always been a pleasure to see U both work and produce amazing work.....U booth just awesome......:)
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Is that why they call him Thundercracker? Because he blows up there ears and maybe fries their brain or mother board
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Your enthusiasm certainly shows, and the colors are outstanding!

By thy side,

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Cliffjumper: "Man, I've never drinking anything Ironhide gives me again"...

Awesome picture!
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That is pretty awesome. Love the wings and structure of TC. I like details and the design.
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