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RoS issue 04 cover lineart

here are the inks for issue 4's cover to Reign of Starscream
i had a lot of different ideas for this cover. so different from the first concept i came up with.
well, enjoy

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Suceed to capture the details

please check my galery
give me a pro tips will ya mastaaaa
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nice lines!!i dont like the colored version though,sorry(oh pls. dont kill me!!)
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i'll try and hold josh back.
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sorry man,he's a great artist,i know ur friends and all,and im not saying the colored version sucked,but ur lines....wat can i say,it looks more awesome
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I love the series so far, and I can't wait for issue 4! When is that being released?
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i think it's out on the 13th of august, and issue 5 is out on the 27th.
Gozer-The-Destroyor's avatar
Twice on the month of my birthday!

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Hoo boy--Starscream's getting all megalomaniac on us. :P But he has such good intentions! ...sort of...

Much love for this. ^_^
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so i hear you have the scripts? so what do you think of the story?
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I like it! ^_^ & the random movie references Chris had in there. :P It shows Starscream's character very well. :nod:
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did you get to read all 5 issues?
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No, only to #4. Damn cliffhangers. DX It was good though--Apple, UnexpectedGift, & I had a mini Transformers party on Unexpected's floor with all the stuff Chris sent. :] I'm excited to see the final product. ^_^
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well apple has issue 5's script. ;p so now lets see what you do.
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I storm her stronghold, tie her to a chair and ransack the place till I find it. D:< Heh, not really. :P
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i need more ThunderCracker action, his figure rocks
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Thundercracker and Skywarp! Heh, now we are just that much closer to seeing all the seekers in the movie.
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squeeeeheheheeeee :excited: that's incredible :D
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wow that is amayzing
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Excellent job as always and love the amount of details you packed in.
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hey! i see his little brothers side to side
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lol. Little bots on Allspark. x3

Very nice lineart. Drawing bots with that much wiring is unfathomable. And I still think drawing g1 bots is hard. XDD
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OMG!!! You are awesome!
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That's Epic! Can't wait to see it coloured!
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