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this is my favourite page for the whole book.
don't ask me why, i just like it that much, and i think josh did an excellent job with the colors.
again, this was show at the idw panel at botcon 2008.

lineart :iconmarkerguru:
colors :icondyemooch:

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I loved this comic, along with Defiance. :XD: My favorite part has to be near the end, when Starscream pwns Dreadwing. :la: Or when the guy he was carrying into space went "pop."

You guys make some awesome stuff together. I hope to get Alliance soon to see more of your awesome art! :meow:
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Astounding work! I guess that's what happens when you try to mess up Starscream's beautiful face ;) We all know how vain he is.

I always thought Starscream was honestly the more evil of the two (Megs) and you definitely show it in his eyes. Pure crimson malevolence.
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this is amazing
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Is one of the reasons he has a lot of fire power due to the fact that he is an F-22 Raptor probably not
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lol. You don't mess with Starscream..
Whoa that soldier got totally obliterated!
Spectacular! Awesome job as always:highfive:
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Starscream is so detailed, and the panel where the smoke drifts and reveals an enraged decepticon is wicked! I feel bad for the poor guy ._.
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Wow... this is really amazing work.
Is the Reign of Starscream going to be available in the UK? :)
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Conclusion: Don't get Screamer mad or your crap! The issue is out alreadY?!?!?!
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not yet. maybe in the next week or 2?
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Awesome page man.The first panel is pretty cool..
Cant wait to see this book!
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you mean you didn't see it at botcon???
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nops hehe ! I mean this second issue ehehh. I dont remember to see those pages there...
I've got the first issue...pretty good ;)
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not hit the Deceptic...too late XD
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I love how you made the emotions on this page. You can see the soldier's emotion plainly but you can tell starscream is pissed off without his face really changing. It's just the way you draw it that makes it so cool
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thanks. glad you think it shows some kind of feeling :)
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LMAO, that's the ultimate 'my gun's bigger' moment.
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I really like it too, great design and layout, color looks good too.
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i know. josh did an amazing job on this page. better then i expected
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Fantastic 'ohshitI'mgonnadie' moment :D
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Bottom panel: POWER... UNLIMITED POWER!!!!!
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I happened to notice the background texture behind the top panels, and how it fades out for the explosion on the bottom. Very awesome touch. :)
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