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Perceptor lineart

By markerguru
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another piece i've been working on :)
this time we have perceptor.
with this image of him, i did a combo of the IDW perceptor and the G1 perceptor. i like the way it came out.
he is always a scientist, so its only natural to have him building some crazy new invention :)


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Tremendous redesign of Perceptor. Well done. :)
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I like that you see him as a scientist! It's the way I see and prefer him too.
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Are you drawing stuff for the voice actors at TFcon too? Haha.
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Well no insignia is better than the wrong one. This is awesome
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Good ol' Perceptor! :D
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Indeed and amazing job as always from you.
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*flails* GIVE ME YOUR TALENTTT! :iconpoutplz:
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but what will i use then???? :3
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>_< mmmrrrgrumble.
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i like to think he's a bit of a mad scientist at times. especially when he's really pleased with something he's created :3
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:D You always have so much fun placing your signature. :D
This looks spiffy.
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dude, he looks kinda evil here :XD:
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*pretends he's shattered glass percy*
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Awesome. He was one of my fav Autobots, too though I wish the cartoon made him a little cooler and not a snobbish science geek.
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so would you like him to be science geek with a little sniper thrown in like in the idw comics, or something different?
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I'm no familiar with the idw comics. I guess much like Hound, I thought of the Autobots were drafted into the war but they had no choice. Perhaps someone like Spock, if anyone.
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aww nice !!
Perceptor is my favorite TF scientist :)
very good job !!
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thanks. glad you like it
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NP. It's perfect ! ^^
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Heh, he stole Impactor's helmet :P
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