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Ongoing seekers lineart

By markerguru
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this is another image i'm working for the upcoming fan expo.

this time i went with the new ongoing style of the seekers
i really like the design that Don came up with for them, so i just had to make a image of them. plus they were a lot of fun to draw in the ongoing issues :D

this time starscream is in the front, followed by skywarp in the middle and thundercracker at the back.



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These images are so 'clean'. The line art looks very precise!!
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You really pack a lot in there!
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seekers must fly! ^^
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The detail in the lines you do are just killer. I love it...and envy you an unfathomable amount :XD: I need to practice more.
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Awesome, are you going to color these or have them colored any time soon?
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they are in the process of being coloured :D
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Oh, yay! Who, Josh P.? Or Lafuente? And also just wondering, will you be back to drawing the ongoing series soon? I like your lineart much better than most of the others. :)
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sorry to say no. 22 and 23 were my last 2 issues for now :)
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Awww. :( Well I'm hoping you'll be back at it sometime! Do you know when issue 24 will be hitting the shelves though?
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i think it's this week or next week? not sure.
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I don't know when or why, but I've developed an affection for Skywarp.
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So awesome, I'd kill for toys based off of these designs.
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Heh, even without color, Starscream stands out. Love that sneering smirk.
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incredible lines ! there ...i don't think i have used that one yet. who you got coloring this....dyemooch? espen is one of my favs but they both rule. skywarp looks like he is just about to warp into an enemy frontline cannons blazing. and i agree with the previous comment. with your medium , you make the movie bots actually look better than they did in the movies(im referring to your other peices with new movie subjects). when i watched TF3 for the 4th time and then compared it to the 1000+ times watching the original animated G1 movie ...thats when i realized i am a purist and my opinions may be slightly
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we needed a TF fanboy for a director. someone who didnt have to do research or consult on the transformers. Maybe hire Bay as like ..special effects/action sequence co-director type guy.
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Once again You prove how incompetent the art directors where on Bayformers.
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I really dont know how you draw such precise detail!
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The detail is amazing. I would have to agree with the others who noticed; skywarp and thundercracker do look like they are ready to open up some cans.
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really awesome!!!!
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Nobody is ever safe with these bad boys around! :D
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