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Ongoing Seeker colours

so this is one of the new print images i will have at the Toronto Fan expo this weekend.
it's my take on the ongoing seekers.
i had a blast with this one. i really like the design of these guys that Don came up with.
awesome colours by Josh Perez. i can't thank him enough for helping me out. i know he's very busy right now.
thanks a lot man. it was great to work with you on this :D

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me :)
colours :icondyemooch: he's to good at what he does :)


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One of the best Seeker pictures there is! :)
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That is literally my transformer EVER!!!!!
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So good looking seekers, god I could just sit and stare all day.
(It's true what they say; One picture says more than 1000 words xD)
What's the matter, "mighty" Megatron?
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I think Starscream enjoys the spotlight more than his fellow Seekers.
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amazing job with this!
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I love this! I noticed in the ongoing series they had the split wing design, while in All Hail Megatron, they had the traditional single wingblade. I can't decide which I like more, but I'm leaning more and more towards this design. And, dang, you draw them great!
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i like this design also. has a classic feel while still being almost totally new and detailed which is what i like in my tf's :)
That's my favorite design of the seekers yet. Great job on capturing it! +fav
Not a fan of the 'ongoing' look, but I love this!
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Impressive detail again, it's a pity that they haven't been made into a retail seeker team, they would be a fitting remake.
Starscream you sexy beast. I love that smirk!

These two pics are just fantastic.
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Such beautiful Seekers!
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wow!! :love: I totally love this one specially with those colors of Josh X3, you two do a very awesome team!! :la:
Starshot-seeker's avatar
you're welcome :hug:

and keep up that so gorgeous work for both! :w00t:
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freaking amamizing
moonlighttouchesgir's avatar
XD i love the details and the color!!!
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Beautiful. xD So be-yoot-iful. :crying:
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