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Nominus Prime design

By markerguru
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so this is one of the designs i came up with for issue 23 of transformers ongoing
it is also featured in the Transformers: Alex Milne sketchbook :D
it's of Nominus Prime, which we find out in this issue that he is the prime before sentinel prime. well i think anyways ;p
it was a lot of fun to be able to design him. i thought it would be fun to have a prime as a aircraft. so many of the primes i've seen have been land based alt modes, so i wanted to do a flying one :)
i'll post up a colour guide for him soon
until then, enjoy :D


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awesome robot!!
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he looks awesome, and I like his seeker design and missile pods.
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by any chance are his similarities to cybertron series Starscream an influence on the design or just an overlooked coincidence? i know its harsh saying that considering any flight altmode could look like a seeker given the asthetics of where the limbs and wings are likely to form the body of the jet. i just look at this and think to myself: man that really looks alot like (an absolutely awesomely designed) starscream O_O .

had this been a concept to finished design of any other character than an autobot. i wouldve been like:
"Make this a starscream upgrade! he needs something major to take out megatron's new form!"
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i guess its an overlooked coincidence. i personally don't really see anything that resembles cybertron starscream.
i mean screamer's canopy is on his chest, nominus's is on his back. screamer's wings are on his arms, nominus has his on the front of his legs.
i just don't see it. maybe little elements, but thats all.
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Awesome design as always guru. Interesting to see an aerial Prime. So this guy was Prime before Sentinel, huh? One question...................................... So does this mean that Nova has been erased from IDW continuity?
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no. nova is before this guy. and since there is such a great time between nova and this guy that it leaves room to have even more prime in that space of time.
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really awesome job!!!!!
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Now If we can only get a design of Zeta Prime, and no I don't mean "Sentinel Zeta" Prime I mean Zeta Prime, the two are still two different bots to me...(even though its never stated if Sentinel was killed in Megatron Origins).
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he wasn't. he's still alive at the end but would be killed later on. that story was never told, but i knew bits about it.
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You are amazing good sir. Thanks for the clarity!
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:) AWESOME :headbang: your art totally rules!!!
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For some reason the name just makes me think "NOM NOM NOM"

.....which is also my expression to this TF design. Very nice. =D
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Beautiful design :) Good job!
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just a quick question. the bot talking to optimus at end, dose he have a name?
becouse i would love know bit more about him, seeing i was think he couldhave importent in optimus becoming a prime.

Love the art work for 22 and 23
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James wants to keep it a secret for now, so i can't say who he is. sorry, but i think he is important in some way :)
glad you liked the issues
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Is the sketchbook out yet?
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it came out when issue 23 came out. it ended up being a retail incentive where they would have had to have ordered a certain number of copies of 23 to get on. my LCS had to order 10 to get one.
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I have my LCS trying to track one down for me.
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That is a very swanky-looking Prime.
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DUDE, this is sick!! XD Epic work man!! By the looks of it, is he more in the G1 or the movies? Or both?
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well i designed it to be in the g1 universe, but i guess i could easily make him a movie verse character also :)
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Either way though, I think it's pretty darn cool XD Another question (quite obvious), ya watch TF3? I might be betting. But, are ya planning to draw the characters based on the movie (not in a comic form of course) or are ya sticking with the G1 universe for now? Cause us fans are fine either way course you're a flippin awesome Transformers artist XD
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