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Nominus Prime colour guide

By markerguru
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so this is the colour guide for Nominus Prime
i wanted him to have a lot of different teal blues and some gold which i felt a leader would have. i threw some orange in there for some accents
the light purple/pink crystal areas would have an energy swirling effect going one.
enjoy :)

this and other designs can been found the the Transformers: Alex Milne sketchbook :)


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His jet form reminds me of Megatron's from Transformers Prime prior to Predacons Rising.

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I love the concept of a Prime as a jet. You make it work.
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I have a question. What does the name Nominus mean?
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I love his robot and vehicle modes. <3
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This Prime has got an interesting name among the Primes.
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Little late to the party, but it looks like he could be Thunderwing's twin... coincidence of manufacture, or a real connection between them?
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Oohh, where can I get this sketchbook
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his jet form looks like g-armor from mobile suit gundam
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Am I wrong in thinking that this reminds me of the Seekers? A distant cousin perhaps?
Kayla: What about these crystals? (Nonimus waves his hand gently, showing a cloudy image spreading around her.)

Nominus Prime: I was with a group of Autobots on the floating city of Axlaxon, defending it against the Decepticons who came to destroy it. The city was on its, last hovering movement, when I had fallen off the edge.

I had noticed a strange floating crystal, coming towards me. (Crystal comes near Nonimus’ external structure.)

The crystal shattered on my skeletal structure, and changed my vehicle form into a vehicle of flight. The floating city had crashed into the planets surface and I was the first transformer and only transformer to fly without the fear of falling off.

I give you the first shard of bravery, young sentient. (He passes the first crystal to her.)
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that's pretty good!
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Awesome design, makes a change to have a Prime that doesn't have a truck based altmode :XD:
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Rare to see a Prime with a jet mode, but it makes a change from Cybertronian trucks and cars.
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I think Vector Prime was ome kind of alien jet.
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the first prime to have flight capabilities. I love the weaponry and design on him.
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There an official reason why he's not mentioned among the other Primes, aside from implied skidplate-ery of course?
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you'd have to ask James Roberts about that. but since IDW is expanding on the history of transformers, its only common sense that there will be primes that haven't been mentioned yet, and can be added in to help fit the upcoming stories. i'm sure it will be sorted out. as for now, he's before sentinel and after nova.
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Maybe we will see Guardian Prime from the G1 cartoon in the IDW comics later. He could be a Prime between Nova & Nominus. 
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What's your theory on it then?
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well after Nova prime vanished with the ark 1 there is a time period where you could have had one or 2 more primes before sentinel prime. i think that James is having Nominus in that gap right now. i'm not sure what's happening with the back history right now so i can't really go into it.
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I love this. I am highly intrigue at the prospect that there was a Prime that was a 'Seeker(flying jet transformer)'
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