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MtMtE Megatron

By markerguru
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Here is image of Megatron from MTMTE
This is the splash page from issue 54 when Megatron final strolls onto the field of battle to mess shit up
This is what I was waiting for in MTMTE.  Megatron unleashed :D
I had Josh Perez colour it up differently then it was shown in the book since I wanted to use it as a print (one of the few interior pages i can use as a print)
It was awesome to see what he would do with the lineart for this page
Already I was pretty happy with the composition of the page and the power stride of Megatron, but Josh just took this image and elevated it into a whole other level :)
He's got mad skills.
enjoy :)

lineart by :iconmarkerguru: me
colours by :icondyemooch: the one which makes or lines shine

TF:MTMTE ©IDW Publishing

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© 2016 - 2020 markerguru
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You can imagine a "heroic" version of "Instruments of destruction" playing during this.
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So, does he transform into a piece of a type of stationary artillery now (like an anti-aircraft cannon)?

Also, holy shit, Megatron as a AUTOBOT? Is Optimus Prime a Decepticon in this alternate reverse universe?

Or did Megatron switch sides after finally admitting defeat in the Cybertronian Civil War?
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Nah, Prime is still an Autobot. Megatron just decides to join them. 
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First time I've ever cheered for Megatron, and it was worth it.
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I personally prefer Megatron as an aircraft, but this is intimidating as Hell!
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Though he has abandoned the cause, I don't think they could have asked for a better replacement than Soundwave.
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autobot Megatron to the rescue!!!
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Very beautifully awesome. 
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Thank you for your fantastic artwork on MTMTE Megatron. Autobot Megatron is so underrated, it's appalling. I mean, every time somebody makes a significant change to the Transformers franchise, the fans start whining like a bunch of obnoxious idiots. I mean, a lot of these of these fans are so narrow-minded and boring, they actually want the Transformers franchise to be exactly like it was when it started out in the mid '80s. How stupid is that? I reckon that a lot of the people who hate Autobot Megatron are butt-hurt Decepticons who hate the Autobots.
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This is amazing
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This is one of my favorites of yours. I hope to own a print of it one day. 
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wow . It is awesome 
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Please tell me I can buy this as a poster....
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Stunning work. Very impressive !
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It is so trippy to see him with the auto bot symbol lol awesome work here
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All hail Megatron!

Grate art!
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That was a really great story.  The art, the designs, the characters, the jokes, the tragedies, the triumphs, everything came together to make one hell of a comic.
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So megatron is an auto bit now?! I must learn how this is and read it! Outstanding art work!
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He's so perfect.

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OMG...   It's THIS image... It's yours.    O_O   

This is one of my top favorite pictures of Megatron from MTMTE.    The Issue #55 cover art you did is also one of my top favorites.  I bought that issue before ever reading "The Dying of the Light" story simply because of how much your image moved me when I first saw it.   I am not sure if you did the issue #28 cover also,  but that is one I did my own version of.   

Transformation of the Soul by Darth-Pravius     Drew this by hand using the comic book cover as a reference and did all the color and metal texture work on my computer.     Again, I'm not sure if you did the original work that inspired this or not, but either way, you and your work on Megatron in the MTMTE series is a huge inspiration to me and I thank you.   :D  
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