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Megatron vs Epyon

By markerguru
so originally i wanted to make a special picture for my 300th deviation, but right now i'm having an off drawing day, so this will have to do.
this was a commission i did for a friend. he was really cool about waiting for it, so i did more to it then was commissioned for. i really enjoyed working on it. anytime i get to draw a gundam i jump at the chance.
i remember when this show was on tv. oh, the memories :)
i had so much fun working on this that i went out the next day to track down the dvd's of this series so i could watch them again.
anyways i did the idw version of megatron if anyone is wondering.
well, off to try and draw something


commission done with ink, copic markers, and a sakura gel pens.
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Ok as much as I like Transformers, Megatron doesn’t stand a chance against Epyon. ESPECIALLY if it’s G1 Megatron.

that guy always lost to Optimus Prime, whose considerably weaker than a gundam which can destroy a moon sized space station WITH JUST ONE SWORD SLICE!!! Even if Megatron COULD  somehow overwhelm him, It’ll be child’s play for Epyon’s ever-evolving ZERO system to chart out the best strategy to beat him
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Megatron can beat him and crush him to pieces too even if he lost a lot of times to Optimus prime and close to defeat him he is still an evil villain that will never stop of getting what he wants to rule the universe and become unstoppable to destroy the autobots.
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Megatron beat the living scrapped out that Gundam.
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the 80's and the 90's have a show down!
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Megs could TOTALLY win!
Affromac's avatar
Megatron. I mean Epyon is just awesome but gundamium is not invincible as we seen the sad scene of the first death scythe being destroyed. Megatron however would just kill him with dark energon.
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This is G1 Megatron, he doesn't have Dark Energon. But he does have a gun powered by a black hole.
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seriously? that gun is powered by a black hole?
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According to the back of his box it is.
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True. I thought of something a while ago though. If gundams and transformers could fuse, what would Epion and Grimlock put together add up to?
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Gundamium alloy vs a fusion cannon.  I do not think so.
Man I hate stuff like this because it forces me to choose between one of two things I really like. It's like how parents in shows are forced to choose between their favorite children. Sorry Megatron, but my money is on the Epyon here.
creationstar's avatar
Very cool artwork. Megatron wins, hands down.
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Announcer: Place your bets everybody, place your best! 10$ per bet! Inerdeminsional dictator vs long-haired English hippy in a mecha suit! A battle you don't want to miss!

This is how I imagine a big battle between two popular sci-fi characters. Great work on making this look possible!
Heil-Haidra2319's avatar
Rip out his optic Megatron! Show this pretentious Char Clone whose supreme!
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wuau is combat awesome megatron vs gundam epyon is cool in my opinion epyon win is one great work colugrations friend.
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megatron of course hes a badass
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Megatron. You are officially BEYOND screwed.
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the last comment i made a typa what i meant to say was i hope epyon destroys megatron or as i like to call him mega-ego leader of the decpticons or as i like to cal them the decpti-clowns.
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i hope epyon destroys megatro or as i like to call him mega-ego leader of the decpticons or as i like to call them the decpti-clowns.
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Oh hell yes! :worship: This^^^ awesome :D
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