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Megatron commission lineart

By markerguru
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another commission i'm currently working on at the moment.
this time its of the mighty leader of the decepticons :)
i had fun drawing this picture. i don't get a lot of the classic megatron to draw. i did add a few little touches of my own, but basically its dreamwave megatron :)
man, there are days i miss dreamwave :)
well, back to work

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All Hail Megatron!
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what type of ink pens do you use for this? Pitt? Micron? also what sizes?
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i used pitt pens for this commission, but i use whatever i have a hand most of the time.
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Megatron, leader! :? Where is your Decepticon insignia Sir?
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i left that off in case i ever want to do a computer colored one i can add a digital logo to it. it will be there when i color it.
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Aha :D good skill!
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Your work is "just lovely" I am "just" getting back into using markers myself, like watercolours. Good job on the Jet-fire as well.
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Robots don't cry.....(in Soundwave voice)
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i was wondering... are these hand drawn lines? or do you draw the lines in a program? just wondering, no dis respect intended, and another question... is it a trend to leave transformers drawings with no cross hatching or shadows? i'm asking it, cuz i usually use some shadows when i draw them.
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there all hand drawn lines. i use a ruler for some of them, but most are by hand.
as for shadows, it all depends for the look your going for. i usually like a very clean look so i keep any hatching to a minimal.
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thanks :) now i know, AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE! (Takes a bullet in the head)
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All Hail the Mighty Megatron!

This piece is amazing! I love the design in the back with the Con logo.
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Kick ass Megatron (G1) pic. Thank you for allowing your picture to be in the group. :)
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wow, he looks young.
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The differences between the various incarnations of these characters is part of what makes Transformers so much fun. Ahhh, variety!

Sleek work, as always.

Question: What helps you think through robot and mechanical design? I find machinery very hard to picture in my head, as most of what I draw is heavily organic. I am curious about how artists like you seem to be able to do mechanically-oriented drawing with such ease.
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i'm not sure. thats such a hard question to answer because i don't think there is a right answer for me. it's just something i like doing and don't have any real trouble doing either. i guess i just have an eye for the technical stuff. thats probably why i took technical and scientific illustration when i was in college.
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