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MTMTE Trailbreaker design

since this guy appears on the cover issue 3, i thought it would be nice to show off the design here. a little bit of a Christmas present from me :)
with MTMTE i've gone with a combo of WFC and TF Prime designs.
probably right now Trailbreaker is my favourite design i've come up with. well my fav for what i can show you right now

transformers:MTMTE©IDW Publishing

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I've always liked this MTMTE design. BTW, thank you for mentioning in the comments section that you created him in the order of torso, shoulder, alt mode, and then the rest of his robot mode. There's no way I would have realized that by looking at the final artwork. Thanks again.
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May I use this picture for a creation?
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What do you mean use it? In what way?
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"I may not be fast, but I'm tough!"
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He's designed pretty well.
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May I use this pic for a oc I am making 
Alas, If you've read mtmte 34... We know what happens to trailbreaker/trailcutter :'( The Feels...
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So frustrating!
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WHOA....Seriously badass Trailbreaker design! Nice touch with the back mounted guns too
Solid Trailbreaker design. Body looks tough and rough, but his face is always kinda friendly and mild mannered. I like it!
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Trailbreaker looks cool in your series
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It's really inspiring to see all these designs! I love doing characters and I love Transformers, but wow How to Robots? It's proving harder than I imagined.

I really enjoy the detail you put into your work, each character has such great visual distinctiveness. Avidly enjoying MTMTE too, and as original G1 fan it's great to see Transformers thriving and growing with new stories and art! Thanks for all your hard work.
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color scheme very similar to G1 toy. outstanding.

what sort of AWD SUV does he transform into?
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Looks like he's mostly Armada laced with a little TFP. But This is BADASS! PERFECT EVEN!
Can you do his vehicle mode too?
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this is the kind of design that i love for a transformers!
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Trailbreaker's one of my fave Autobots, and I love the redesign. At least his windscreen's not covering his face anymore!
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Mine too, doesn't have many fans but he's quite a useful Autobot that's able to generate nearly impenetrable energy shields.
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At least he's getting a Deluxe toy, at last!
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This is awesome!
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interesting, IT DOES remind me of Transformers War for Cybertron in some way, and the kibble reminds me of Transformers Prime.

What does he become?
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a cybertronian SUV
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would be awesome to see it.

I like the weaponry on his shoulders and back.
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Yay, Trailbreaker! One of my favorites who never seems to get much attention. Love the design!
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When you do these designs, do you also draw the character from the rear? Or do you just have the rest of the changeform details placed so well in your head that you instinctively remember how to draw them? Obviously when they hit the books you need to know what that looks like too, so I was just curious.
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