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MTMTE Cyclonus

By markerguru
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so i thought i'd share this
i did this as a Christmas present for my fiancée. I like when you have no money to get a gift that i can just make one.  it also seems a bit more special since its the only one
good thing i'm engaged to someone who likes transformers ;)
this was a lot of fun to do.  i wish i had the time to do more of them.
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joker-the-aceHobbyist Traditional Artist
Alex, dude, buddy, my guy.... what brand of markers do you use??
I need this exact shade of purple for reasons that totally do not include drawing Cyclonus as a hot, hot lady.
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Copics.  You might not find this exact shade since it's a bunch of different purples layered together.
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LOVE this incarnation of Cyclonus! BEST character portrayal and character design for him. :D
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areliusmarsHobbyist General Artist
This where you are the best, drawing TFs and using copics to give it amazing details! My hat to you good sire! 
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Thanks.  I do have a lot of fun when I get to play with markers :)
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areliusmarsHobbyist General Artist
I sure looks like fun, especially if you have mad skills like yours! :D
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ailgaraHobbyist Traditional Artist
my favorite bad ass bunny x3 
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bouncingdynamoProfessional Artist
You have a fine handle on them copics, good sir.

Unless they're not copics. In which case, great job on doing a copic-worthy pic with different markers!
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No, I use Copic's  They are the only markers I like using really.  However I have many different brands of markers in my so called collection of markers. I just like using the Copic's the best.
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bumblehoodieHobbyist Digital Artist
It's awesome!
Really great work :3
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transformersareawsomHobbyist General Artist
Scary and well drawn Cutie Thumbs Up 
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BigAssJayHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is fresh!
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He's the best at what he does.
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OtakuRavageHobbyist General Artist
I'm reading through MTMTE right now, and I've got to say, I LOVE Cyclonus's design, and his character! I've definitely got a new love for the character; smashing work!
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kotteriProfessional Digital Artist
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ailgaraHobbyist Traditional Artist
awwww  the purple bunny  :3Giggle 
BeatlesDiva's avatar
My goodness you made he more beautiful than ever!  <3
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hmmm, i know why you like this picture ;p
BeatlesDiva's avatar
You do?  Oh no!  My secret is out!
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fernandosolanoProfessional Traditional Artist
good looking cyclonus i aproooooooveeee jejejje

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Great looking Cyclonus.
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Let's just hope she doesn't beat you up like Cyclonus did to Tailgate those few times! XD
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