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IDW Dark Cybertron Arcee Design

By markerguru
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here is the design i came up with based off of a concept from hasbro. 
not sure if this is what the new Arcee toy will look like.  the design i was given was not a toy image nor was it an image that looked like it could transform.  it was just a concept which i think hasbro wanted to base the new toy off of.  so i had to work with that and come up with something that i feel keep the look they want to use and work withing the world the comic is set in :)
the only thing i did a bit differently in the comic was i made her legs a bit longer.  i ran out of paper on this image and i did want her legs a bit longer.
with the head i did put elements from the original IDW Arcee in it so i could tie the new design with comic look :)
so i'm not sure what the toy will look like, but this was fun getting to draw a new version  of Arcee :)

TF: MTMTE/Dark Cybertron ©IDW Publishing

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U drew both arcee's dark cybertron and combiner wars 
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Arcee is an awesome fembot
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I have been trying to draw this kinds of stuff for years and i keep screwing up!!

I even bought a book on drawing this stuff!!

Gotta keep practicing!!!
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wow that an intesting take on her
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Nice work!!  You'll have to excuse me, but I really like your Spotlight Arcee the best!!
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I love how strong and capable she looks without losing the original essence of Arcee.
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I love this new design! Thank goodness she's not the stereotypical supermodel figure female TFs have been in the past. (Except Strika, yay) I love variety of frame type even in femmes, it feels more realistic and relatable, plus she looks powerful while still being feminine. 

And can I say it's refreshing to know even you suffer from canvas size dictating your proportions? I have to cheat this in Photoshop because I always get it wrong the first time. /shakes fist
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I really like this design. *thumbs up*
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Oh this is so cool! She looks feminine without going for any easy visual shortcuts in that respect, and this look also really suits her temperament, I think. Ahh I just love your robot designs :)
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Neat design for sure especially the amount of details you put in.
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Looks like a buffed up version of her G1 look
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It's reminiscent of Samus's power armor (at least to me). Feminine yet powerful. Whether that aspect comes from your input or the concept, you've done a nice job!
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I really like the redesign.  She has a bit of a "butch" look, while still looking very feminine.  Great balance! I got to see the same concept art as well, so its really interesting to see your take on it. :)
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I like this iteration of Arcee more than the previous one, really like how it came out =3
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I'm really digging her overall figure--especially those legs.  Nice and strong legs.
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I really love it! I was very happy to see her new design in Dark Cybertron :3 

Will you be posting a sketch design of how you draw Nautica, Chromia, and Windblade as well?
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i didn't design those characters.  most of them were designed by James Raiz and i based their looks off those designs.  then he changed some of them when he drew the comic but i kept them the same as the original designs.
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Ahhh, cool! I was wondering where Nautica's visor went! xD

Either way, awesome job, man :D
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I can picture it:
Spotlight: Nautica: Nautica in "The Mystery of the Missing Visor"!
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