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Galvatron and crew colours

By markerguru
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so this is one of the new print images i will have at the Toronto Fan expo this weekend.
i know a lot of people have been itching to see this coloured. so here it is :)
this time i got to work again with Joana and all i gotta say is WOW :D
she really blew me away with this one.
i can't thank her enough for helping me with this image :)
she's too cool :D

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me :)
colours :iconkhaamar: she's to awesome. that is all ;p


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TheMightyShockwaveHobbyist Traditional Artist
This pic of Galvatron, Scourge and Cyclonus is AMAZING! You really manage to make them look terrifying, just like the psychotic villains they are (at least in Galvatron's case)
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klatuk4uHobbyist Writer
Galvatron was so psychotic, he was awesome!  I love when they "rescued" him in G1 show, and after beating the lead out of them for doing so he just blows the whole planet up for no reason!  That's just psycho!

Awesome picture!  Galvatron and his minions had an excellent look to them, and your line art brings that look to a whole menacing new level!

Colors are incredible too!
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Autotrooper42Student Traditional Artist
I always loved Galvatron's little merry band.
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We need 3rd Party's to make these! 
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Noice the three of them look badass in this picture.
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DanLuna General Artist
Love how you draw Galvs and his co.  Look more ferocious than their TV counterparts!
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RexBlazer1Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this based on the IDW versions?
Autobot01's avatar
:) nice job
even though i hate galvarton and all things `Con
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I Loved these guys! Galvatron Rocks!

sparatic22's avatar
that is insane... very very nice...

Bluekite-Falls's avatar
im so glad you were at autoassembly!
it was great to buy a copy of this off you!
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Daniel-EggmanHobbyist General Artist
Vornell's avatar
epic pic of galvatron and his minions.
ToaDJacara's avatar
Looks cool :)
Phenometron's avatar
Better watch out for these Decepticons; they're tear the living daylights out of anybody, organic or mechanical.
RazorJoint's avatar
They look intimidating and I like it.
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Kris-dragonHobbyist Artist
Okay, I recognize Cyclonus at the buttom. Scourge is at the top and in the background are his sweeps. And is that Galvatron in the middle. Where are the Decepticon insignia and the fusion cannon? Did he forget tham in his madness? He sure looks freakin' awesome to do that. Totally adding to the faves.
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this is based on IDW's comics. in this series, these guys aren't decepticons. also Galvatrons cannon is on his other forearm which is hidden by cyclonus
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sevenxlivesHobbyist Photographer
the image of the madness is genuine.
looks great and your styl I like very. >w<
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Helios437Hobbyist General Artist
Superman-1's avatar
Galvatron and his lieutenants look even more evil in the IDW universe than in the Sunbow universe.
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weremole Digital Artist
Looks cool. I really dig EJ's design for Cyclonus and the trick to separate his arm from Galvies thigh is neat.
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ShpleemHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great look for Cyclonus, of all the Unicron reformatted 'Cons he is by far my favorite.
katanamaru's avatar
Much better than the Heart of Darkness mini series art!
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