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Drift sketch

so i did a head sketch of drift.
did a bit more of his original design for this sketch then the one i'm using in the drift mini.

this was just one of the sketches i finished today. for the others you can check out my colored sketch section, or my scraps gallery.


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Grew up with the Transformers and actually loved the live action movies despite all the crap people give them. Drift was actually one of my favorite characters in the fourth movie; but I hadn't seen him before and assumed they created him for the films. I'm liking this version of him. If you don't mind me asking, when did he come into the canon lore? Which series is he from? 
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Drift is pretty cool.
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I love how you call these "sketches". If I drew this, I'd think it was a masterpiece and that I could never repeat it if I tried. DRIFTILOVEYOU :heart: :faint:
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I love this guy. He's seriously awesome. I got hooked on him when I saw the Spotlight issue featuring him.
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Hey Handsome <3 *purrs*
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cool, Drift is so coool!
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NICER AND NICER!!!!! (im fell in love!)
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Nice sketch.

Got the toy. it kicks ass. no waist joint though
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Went to Toys R Us in the city today, I saw a Drift action figure and immediately thought of the mini-series you'd been working on. He seems like a very cool character. Great drawing, by the way.
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thanks. so did you pick up the toy? it's pretty sweet :)
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Nah, but I wanted to, along with a couple of others. BTW you inspired me to draw Side Swipe from Revenge of The Fallen and post it in my gallery. I guess I have to thank you because it turned out all right.
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Drift is awsome! Nice work there, mate! :thumbsup:
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I would love to own this peice!!! :dummy:
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Aww Drift-sama! You draw beatifully, Alex! I'm eager to get the Drift mini!!
I wish I had half your skills, but I'm warking hard to achive my goal!

I'm really impressed with how you use markers, I'm trying some myself, to see if i can improve to make them look as cool as you do ^^'
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You work those white shadows beautifully sir :clap:
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Your technical drawing skills yet still making the transformers look some-what human and alive never ceases to amaze me. Beautiful!
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Love your works ude! Thay are 100% AWESOME!!!
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