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Drift 4 C4 exclusive cover

since the issue came out, and the little preview of it was show in the cover check list gallery, and since the convention is next week, i thought it would be ok to show it off here.
this is the C4 convention cover for Drift issue 4. i purposely made it a double spread cover with an area on the back cover for a sketch that you can get from me at the convention :)
i also made it a snow background since the convention is in Winnipeg, and at the end of October, it can be pretty cold out there. not sure if there will be snow there, but it will be somewhat cold :)
here is a link to the con [link]
anyway, enjoy

lineart :iconmarkerguru:
colours :icondyemooch:

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So he killed an Decepticon and then drew a maple leaf in the snow? Drift, you become even more awesome in my eyes :XD:
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that is wickedly awesome! <3 I have much love for it :D
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another epic one , heck dude all your arts great, reallly....
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That's one wicked sword he's wielding.
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this was in the back section of the comic book :D
Anyone know where I can get one of these? The only guy selling them on ebay never sent me my comic and ebay had to give me a refund.


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where do you live???
Arlington, MA, USA. Sorry it's been so long since I posted. I thought I'd get a mesage with a reply but I guess the site doesn't work like that.
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i'm not sure if i'll be able to send out a book to you. if you were in my area you could just pick one up at one of the conventions or signing i do. i'll look into seeing what it will cost, but again, i'm not sure, but i'll look into it :)
Thanks. Even if you can't, I appreciate your trying.

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:wow: that is really EPIC work on this pic!
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Love the art of the katana and the autobot
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A hand! Behind him!
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Drift's face is so cute! XD

sorry, fan girl moment. nice art work.
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I love the footprints in the snow! :-)
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You're depiction of Drift...and that C4 Leaf [LOL! >w<] so...AMAZING!, sir! :D

Hope you enjoy the convention, sir! :D
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*makes grabby hands at*

So amazing
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hah! Amazing!!! Love everything about this cover <3
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