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Dinobots Ahoy

so a had a little free time, and some gray paper lying around, so i thought, maybe i'll draw up a dinobot picture. but which one? there are so many to choose from. then i said, why not draw them all. so i did. :)
here is the order from top to bottom:
sludge is one of the dinobots i like the most. i think i'll draw a pic of him by himself sometime.
i had fun doing this pic. i think i'll do another group pic on the colored paper. they be fun
enjoy :)

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What kind of markers or paint did you use?
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Awesome! I love the personality you've given to each member!
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Amazing artwork just amazing.
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Dinobots forever baby!=D
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you have a incredible talent for drawing transformers
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Nice! Megatron learned the hard way not to try to corrupt these mechs!
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wow that looks awesome. and slag looks like he wants to bite someone's head off! O.O aww Sludge, you good boy.
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Amazing work!!!!!!!!
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Great piece, dude. Love how you were able to fit all of them in and still make a very dynamic composition where they all shine!
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thanks man. i had a lot of fun with this pic. i hope to have the time soon to do another one of the seekers.
pogzki's avatar bout doing six-shot and his transformations as a group picture? ^^
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Taken me waaaaay to long to comment on this one :lol: This would make and excellent door poster for starters. And looking at all the other comments about the red Swoop, I think yu made a good call with it here because I think the blue would stand out a little too much, even tho he's way at the top.

Excellent work once again sir :clap: Have you ever thought about showing some WIP's up here? I'm curious to see how planning something like this goes on. (especially after seeing the latest group shot from TFCon lol)
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Me like dinobot drawing, me instant :+fav:. :D
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If only I could figure out why you draw so good...
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That is some nice coloring right there. Do you mind if I ask what you used for the whitish highlights? (:
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all I can say is wow!!!
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l love me some dinobots
nice one buddy
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thanks man. thought you'd like this one.
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I'm shocked you didn't put Grimmy in the back, so that you wouldn't have to draw so much of him.

Awesome pic!
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yeah, but for this pic he needed to be up front.
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