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Devastator lineart

By markerguru
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so here is another picture i've been working on lately.
this time it's of devastator. i've been meaning to do one of him for a while now, but never seemed to find the time. now i know the real reason why. part of me knew it would take a long time to draw him so i kept putting it off. shame on me :3
well it was really tough to work on, but in the end i enjoy the way it turned out
i tried to make the different parts of him have a more real world look to them.


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Again, absolutely incredible!
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Awesome lines man.
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His face is awesome, it completes the BAMF look perfectly ♥
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That's just awesome! Amazing job with the details!
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i commend your awesomeness!
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Would it be okay with you if I color this and your just-posted Ultra Magnus for personal use (a.k.a. practice and portfolio) only? I'll provide a link to the finished results for you.
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your art blows me away! So much details you put into them!
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I just have to say I love your Transformers work ... phenomenal!!!!! I wish I had the talent you have in both illustrating and coloring
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:iconfuckyeahplz: DEVASTATOR ^^

have you seen that part of the first generation of transformers were Devastator has an epic fight with Omegasuperiame?, that is awesome! ^^
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of course you have, you're uba kean about transformers like i am, um......., no offence ^^;
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Dear Primus, that looks beautiful O_O
Will hopefully see this in colour one day. Fan-flipping-tastic.
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you'll see it in color very soon. just finishing something up i want to put up before i post the colors for this pic.
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I honestly envy guys like you, Don Fig and EJ Su, who make the bots look so damn good, but also *functional*. My Transformers designs manage to ape parts of that, but never the full 'this is a giant Transformer that not only looks good but *makes technical sense*' look. Which continually frustrates me =/

One day, one day damnit! /Starscream-esque
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Holy Crabcake!
if only Devastator was only a pintch of this coolness 'til now!
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Devastator the most sane out of the combiners. Love the detail
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So much detail, so much epicness - KICKASS! :D
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so much eyes bleeding from all the lines :D
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At least the result's worth it! :D
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Definitely worth the times and efforts for sure.
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Ugh I'm jealous.
I have a really hard time getting any TF's symmetry right.
Better keep practicing I suppose.
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well truth be told, there is no symmetry with devastator since he's made up of different tf's. but i get where your coming from i'm just being silly :3
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The REAL Devastator!!! Great work man!
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Your willingness to put in tons of rewarding detail is what I love most about you as an artist, Milne. This came out awesome.
It reminds me subliminally of the Jazz pic you did a while back, and the contrast upps the creepy factor. Devvy: He R Not Nice.
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