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Danger Transformed

By markerguru
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so this was an idea i had a couple days ago that i just had to put down on paper.
so j.scott campbell :iconj-scott-campbell: is my favourite comic artist, and danger girl is my favourite comic that he worked on.
so i wanted to draw a picture of with characters from the comic, but with a twist ;p
so i decided to draw DG transformers.
so i took the character of Abbey Chase from the first issue chrome cover and combined her with the porshe boxster from the first issue. then i took major maxim and combined him with his destructonaut from issue 4.
so when i'm at san deigo, i'll give this to Campbell. hopefully he'll like it.
i didn't have time to color it before the convention, but i'll get it colored after i come back.
well, off to comicon

DangerGirl©J.Scott Campbell
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you are my favourite artist in the world we call art. i mean you are amazingly great with your transformers stuff it's driving me nutts just looking at it so i drew you something you might like.hope we talk sometime in the are my king!!!!!!your the best in my book!!!!!
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Excellent crossover.I did wish I met J.Scott in FanExpo,but I didn't have the time.
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Oh man, I love this! Can I add some (pathetic) colors?
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A mazing. A what, man? Amazing!
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I'm not familiar with Danger Girl in any way but daaaaaaaaamn that Nazi Tank Guy is flippin' awesome!
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that is totally awesome!!!
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i can't imagine why he wouldn't like it! This is so bad-ass! really amazing work! so full of wow.... :salute:
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this is too rad dude.
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thanks man. hopefully when i get it colored it will look even better.
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OMG HITLER BOT!!! Yha Vhul!!!!
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Coooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!! Love your artwork!
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awesome... cant wait to see it colored
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Love it! any chance there is a hi res version around I can color up?
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nope. i don't want anyone to color this picture but me. sorry.
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awesome doesn't even begin to describe this :D
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LOL! That's one heck of a re-interpretation! Got to track down the mentioned issues to see their "alt-modes".
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Looks more like Mecha- M. Bison if you ask me
markerguru's avatar
i don't remember M.Bison having a mask over his face and circular red eyes?
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Maxim looks like an awesome transformer!!
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Very awesome! I saw the guy's head and was like, "Is that..? IT IS!" I love Danger Girl, the art style is so great.
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really awsome idea...

when will Bleach Transformers come into existence?
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What an awesome concept! And, as always, you deliver nothing short of amazing as far as the art goes. I can practically imagine a Punch/Counterpunch spin on Natalia and an Ultra Magnus-esque Deuce would just rock ;)
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