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86 autobots tribute lineart

By markerguru
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so this is a tribute to the 86 transformers movie :)
i just didn't want to draw them in the style of the cartoon, so i decided to do a combo of IDW ongoing designs, and some other ones to come up with this picture
i like the way it turned out.


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Your style is just so awesome, stunning and unique! Love it! :)
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Thank you for allowing your picture to be in the group. :)
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Hmmm yknow, in the context of IDW, Springer and Arcee seems....a little creepy. XD
Awesome work, as usual.
The one thing that could make this better? One of them "accidentally" killing Daniel. Or Wheelie. YKnow, whichever. :)
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You can bet Prime wouldn't have died in the movie with IDW Kup, Springer, and Magnus there haha
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Everyone in the pic looks great! I'm glad you used the MP Rodimus design. Your Daniel is also stunning.
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One of my favorite movies, Great Job!!
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Always magnificient!

But... Wha? No Wreck-Gar slipping bunny ears on Rodimus or the disembodied head of Unicron?
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wreck-gar i would do on his own with some junkions
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This is pretty cool- I can imagine Blurr talking about how he's not in the foreground.
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Nice tribute indeed especially you decided to draw them in the more contemporary style.
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I don't think there is enough 'Win' to award to this picture (I think you even left Josh speechless :XD:)
Can't wait for the colours
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Woo, movie cast! Blurr's making me squee. >w<

I always feel nostalgic when I watch that movie, despite never seeing it as a kid. O_o
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Awesome, I love that movie! And your clean linework. I hope I can draw transformers like you do one day :D
You even made Wheelie look cool! And I like the kid's design, Daniel was it? It has a more futuristic feel to it, more 2005 like the movie says instead of the 80's hairdo.
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very cool can't wait to see some colors, and love the poses and mix of styles, nice job :D
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Oh Rodimus...the Prime of false pride. i'm sure Arcee still wants to be friends!
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it will come soon :)
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I fucking loved this picture...until I noticed Arcee. It's a great picture in so many ways, the layout and detail is beautiful, but I'm sad that Arcee doesn't get an epic pose along with all the boys.
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thats because i'm working on another Arcee pic that will make up for her here. besides i wanted to draw more of her back and having her look over her shoulder. now that i look at her, she's giving me a WTF are you looking at vibe. :3
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