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86 Autobots tribute colours

By markerguru
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so this is one of the new print images i will have at the Toronto Fan expo this weekend.
this time i got Josh Burcham to colour this for me
i gotta thank him for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do this for me.
so with this image i have a bunch of the idw versions of these characters. mainly because i like the way they look :)
lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me :)
colours :icondcjosh: he's to good at what he does too ;p


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Your artwork is always top notch! ;)
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aPhilipnv3Hobbyist Digital Artist
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bouncingdynamoProfessional Artist
That's a fine, fine Hot Rod. I think your Daniel out-cools movie Daniel, though.

It was great talking to you this weekend in Calgary. I look forward to seeing Rodimus wearing his flames again.
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It was hard for me to get totally invested in these new characters after the way the old cast was so brutally discarded. 
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WardenDarkwingArtistHobbyist Traditional Artist
I adore this series of the Transformers more than any other series
This one was the best to me
Had more story and heart
And action
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papillonstudioProfessional General Artist
Awesome the color looks stand out!! 
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Backfire2k5Hobbyist General Artist
This.. THIS is amazing artwork and such rich beautiful colors.
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is the human Spike,or a different human... i know its not Sparkplug (lol thats one weird human name XD)
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Sharpman01Hobbyist General Artist
It's Daniel Witwicky. It's Spike and Carly's son.
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i see Kup, no see Jazz, WHERE THE SCRAP IS JAZZ!?
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They look pretty superheroic. :)
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so love the fact hot rods up front or rather rodimus prime
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very awesome
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This is beyond amazing
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que epico :D
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autobot2Hobbyist Digital Artist
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ailgaraHobbyist Traditional Artist
beautiful with amazing details wow!!
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wow...i think i drooled. lol
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Damn! I love the way you've interpreted the MP Rod's broken-up chest plate. The whole thing is a great fit, and I love everyone else in the shot too. :)
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(not sure how this ended up here instead of the 86 Autobot Tribute pic. P.S. Thanks for the new faves! :) )
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scspurgeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Do you have any of this print left?
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i do
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scspurgeHobbyist Traditional Artist
How do I get one are oyu selling them these are the the question i need to know. I took the from a movie if you can guess I hug you:)
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i sell them at the conventions i go to
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