MarkerMadness 2015 ArtBook UPDATE 07: The Revival

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Hello and Happy Holidays from blaaaaakk

:santa: December 2014 Update: It's been another 6 months. o_o Like woah. Time flies, and it totally sucks. It truly does. I just want to apologize to the fact of the matter, that I have forgotten to make my utmost priority to trying to get this all together. As far as it stands, right here and right now - we are still ON for making this happen.

Our last submission was over 1 year ago. We still need (at least, if not more) 50 more submissions to complete this book - so I can finally send it off for mass printing.
We can STILL do this. I will be taking initiative to rally and find 50 more participants, even if I have to post on every single one of your walls. There are 1,000+ of you, and one of me. I can only make so much effort to complete this - I need your help TOO. Talk it up in dA chatrooms, tell your friends who actively use markers to create new content or submit older workings, and please, please - comment on this thread so people NOTICE it. Favorite it, share it, and everything in between. Let's do this MarkerMadness!!

:bulletblack:  Here are some reiterations of the Rules and Submitting Formalities. If you have already submitted, there is no need to resubmit.
:bulletred: If you wish to update your submissions - simply follow these instructions and submit a comment below as if you were normally submitting.

Hello there,

         First of all, I'd like to officially introduce myself. My name is Cameron Paris, 24 - and I am a self taught graphic designer who has created multiple working websites, logos, t-shirts, business cards, animated shorts and more. I am addicted to making art on the computer, with markers, and several other techniques. I love helping people find their inner imaginations. But this task is something I cannot do alone, nor is the one I am about to present to you.

For the next couple months, I am asking you all to donate pieces of your art to the '#MarkerMadness2015Artbook'. The artbook will consist of marker pieces completed by you as you will be credited in the artbook. It doesn't matter when the piece was created, as long as it was created by you. As many as two submissions per artist, a page in the artbook will feature your works with a space where you can write a personal bio about how marker art has affected your creativity, or how you first got into making art with markers.

Our sole focus with this artbook is markers. In this day and age, I feel marker art is more important than ever. The digital era is stomping most traditional techniques - featuring options that mock markers & other popular art supplies through brushes. We need to come together as marker artists, and show the community that marker art is worth the patience and practice just as any other technique is worth. Coming together to talk about our art is one of the only ways to do this. The other way is when we come together to make something to show others. This is where you come in.

I will be making a Kickstarter once we reach 100 marker submissions.
We will be accepting an unlimited amount of submissions, so do not worry about missing your chance. It's guaranteed! We're at 51 so far, though!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I appreciate all the support deviantArt has shown towards this project. I am truly dedicated to finish this and get it INTO your hands in 2015. I really hope you are all as excited as I am about this project. Keep reading for other important information about how you can help us get to our goal of at least 130 submissions...

I hope you have all taken the time to go like us on Facebook :facebook: //…
This will be where all the lovely updates will appear when the art book finally gets rolling!
Please stay tuned! I plan on updating very frequently, and it helps spread the work!
(We will also be featuring YOUR art there! Don't worry, we'll link credit back to your dA account.)

Since our last update we have received 0 new submissions, making a total of (51) submissions!
we need at LEAST 79 more to reach 130..


There is NO theme. Just has to be marker art, created by you!!

&& PLEASE REMEMBER. NO COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL!! I want to see your very own original works!
Thanks! :hug:

So keep them coming, and don't forget to spread this information as FAR as you can across the internet!
:facebook: // :twitter: // :deviantart:

>>  Link to the Original Journal <<
feel free to submit to either this Journal, or the older one - it doesn't matter! just submit!!

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talk soon...
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nanaya-chan's avatar
Is this still going on? Can I get in? I have works that I would like to submit if so.
I'm also graphic designer so I can be handy with this project :)
blaaaaakk's avatar
we are still doing this, but submissions are slow. i mostly need help gathering marker artists to submit their pieces!!
nanaya-chan's avatar
I can submit mine if you accept :)
blaaaaakk's avatar
nanaya-chan's avatar
Okay then. What sizes you need the files and where do I send them. I assume that you need CMYK colored files because you will print it and not make a digital book. Also what info about me do you want/need to write in the book (eg. about creator)? Or can I choose myself? I also assume I don't get anything profits from this(?)
mrphillup's avatar
Are you still looking to make the 100. I have some new pieces
blaaaaakk's avatar
i surely am!! please update!
mrphillup's avatar
AbArTick's avatar
I feel honoured you are considering one of my pieces for the book :happybounce:
So I would like to submit it:…
Thanks a lot! Hug 
DeviantHaru's avatar
Name : Haru
Age : 33

Hi, I am Haru from France ! I am a little roborovski hamster who love comics, mangas and drawings !
I discovered markers for long time now and I thought I could not master them. Few years later, I bought some of them for scool.
And a new life began for me !
I love markers ! There are so many brands, colors, technics, you have just to find the one you love !
I specially love Chibi and colourful and girly art !
I want to increase my level ans meet more artists !
Never give up !
blaaaaakk's avatar
please don't forget to add your thumb's or deviation links here, too!

great bio!
DeviantHaru's avatar
He he he ! Stupid me !
But I am not sure about the art you chose, I give you 2 ou 3 links ...


Merry Xmas
blaaaaakk's avatar
thank youuuu!! :hug:
DeviantHaru's avatar
How to see the result ? You will post pictures ?
blaaaaakk's avatar
first we have to reach at least 100 submissions. then i will be making a book, printed and all, and create a kickstarter to let the people who want it have their own copy of the book.
KiwiChameleon's avatar
Hi there and thank you for your comment on my page. I'd be happy to donate a piece to this project. ^^ Here's the thumbnail: Just Eyes by KiwiChameleon  :)
DaijinMinister's avatar
Interesting idea this book.

Here's a little something:

The first one is the one that caught your attention, and the second one is something a little more recent. You can use whichever you wish or both of them.

M.Räsänen, 22
blaaaaakk's avatar
thanks for your submission. :glomp:
DaijinMinister's avatar
the pleasure is all mine ^^
Celesol's avatar
So, I hate to be that wet blanket who asks the business questions, but... what's going to happen with the book? Will it be sold? Who gets the proceeds?
  Are all the artists just getting 'recognition' in trade for their intellectual property?

I don't want to sound mean, but this journal entry is too unspecific for me to feel safe trusting my art to. :<
blaaaaakk's avatar
no you're fine. i appreciate you asking if you were worried at all.

it's mainly going to be a kickstarter event/indiegogo funded project and whoever purchases a book will receive one. no more than that will be printed. the funds go directly towards funding the books printing.
in no way shape or form is anyone making a profit, this is for the soul good of the community, deviant art, and anyone who wants a copy of this book.

mainly art recognition and putting in your own two cents as far as how marker art has changed your outlook on art, or just anything pertaining to what it has taught you, helped you realize, or just why you like markers in general.
a way to just have your art featured and be recognized for your ambitions. not much else i can offer anyone.
Noss91's avatar
About how high resolution do you need on the pictures?

I was wondering if this would make it in the book...
I have some bigger versions of it on the comp :)
blaaaaakk's avatar
I went and tried it with the current page setup and I need it to be much bigger. Can I see the biggest you have so I can just shrink it, in case?

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