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Redundant Quadrapii



The body plans of the three creatures share symmetries of vertebrates, arthropods and echinoderms. But they all have appendages characteristic of cephalopods.

It is often assumed that "quadrapii" is a misspelling of "quadrapuses", "quadrapi" or "quadrapodes". But the singular form is "quadrapius" (not "quadrapus"). Also see plural forms of words ending in -us and latin words in the second declension.

A colored, non-periodic Thue-Morse sequence tiling.

Clifford Pickover used this image to illustrate the Thue-Morse sequence page of his wonderful "The Math Book: From Pythagoras to the 57th Dimension, 250 Milestones in the History of Mathematics".

Download for 2300 x 2300 px. version.

MATLAB, Space Software. Some details on its construction [broken link:, description and notes].

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neat tile, are the eyedots part of it or an add on?