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Pa, sun god



Some North African cultures worshipped the sun, here represented as Pa, the eightfold way FSM. In this mythology Pa originated from an earlier FSM tesselation which broke apart, and after a period of inflation left behind the sun and stars with each having dominion over a region of space. The fused elements of the octet are inseperable and indistinguishable, but the eight flavors are sometimes segregated during rains when Pa is visible.

Some speculate that prehistoric Native Americans (Ancestral Puebloans) also maintained Pastafarian traditions based on similarities of iconography (see, for example, the Zia sun symbol, which represents "perfect friendship among united cultures"). This is disputed, as a link in culture would most likely have required migration between the African and American continents long before ocean going pirate ships are known to exist.

Download for 2450 x 2450 px. version.

I found the basic motif of this tiling in a cyclic block replacement L-system.

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:rofl: Very funny.
I just hope Pa can handle that dark matter surrounding him, considering it constitutes 95% of the universe. God nor Darwin had to contend with that bit of information.
Maybe if they join all the spaghetti end to end we can determine the cosmological parameters of Pa's universe! Current theory suggest its flat.
Interesting we return to the flat theories espoused by the early Christian religions.
Give me FSMonsterism any day.
And pass the Parmesan. Ta. :D