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By markcrilley
Hey there, everybody!

Glad you found my DeviantArt gallery. Some of you may know me from my YouTube videos. Here's a link to my channel, where you can find hundreds of instructional vids on almost any art-related topic you can imagine: www.youtube.com/user/markcrill…

Please check out my newest art book, THE REALISM CHALLENGE. It shows how to create photo-realistic illustrations, step by step-- artwork so real-looking it becomes difficult to distinguish them from actual objects: amzn.com/0385346298

I've got two how-to-draw books out now, MASTERING MANGA and MASTERING MANGA 2. Here's a direct link to where you'll find them on Amazon: www.amazon.com/Mastering-Manga…

My latest graphic novel project is a 6-book series for Dark Horse Comics called BRODY'S GHOST. Book 5 comes out April 15, 2014. Here's a direct link to where you'll find them on Amazon: www.amazon.com/Brodys-Ghost-1-…

Thanks again for visiting my gallery. I really hope you 
enjoy the artwork and step-by-step tutorials you find here. ^_^

All my best,

© 2014 - 2021 markcrilley
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Awesome. And by the way, I have the first volume of the Mastering Manga, which I bought for my iPad/iPhone/iPod touch. I love that there's a page where artists can choose from four different drawing styles. So far the drawings I've ever done look like they're in the extremely cartoony style, but the average artist should practice in all different styles which I should consider doing, instead of always drawing in one style.
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Hey Mark, my name's Nate. I absolutely love your work as both an artist and writer for your YouTube and graphic novels. I often use your tutorials an art for reference and help in my own works, and you are a major influence in my work. I'm not only an artist, but also a web designer for my own company called Epic's Production. i was recently at your website, and although your content is all good, it seems unorganized and kind of hard to navigate, no offense. I would love to help you out with it, if you're interested, and if not, no harm done. If you are though, you can find my webdesign service form at epicsproduction.com. You're an amazing artist, and don't stop doing what you do.
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I love your youtube videos Mike, Thank you :)
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Hi!! I just want to say thank you so much for your instructional manga books and your videos they have helped me become who I am!
doublemeh1's avatar
Man , thanks . Now Im good at what I like : anime / manga drawing . Thanks to you Im good at this .
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Thank you for doing all those awesome tutorials I've recently been practicing from your you tube channel. Maybe soon i'll be able to draw something of my own :D.

Will be getting your manga books as soon as I set up a skybox. Thanks again for your awesomness!
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I'm glad i found out about you on deviantart. i was really surprised xD Just wanted to know if weather you can read one of your manga books online.
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I'm so glad I found your deviantArt  page, I didn't even know you had one but I think your awesome, I have been watching your videos for more than a year now and I have learned so much from you, I have even bought 4 of your books I think... anyways, your the best and your videos are cool and funny and I look forward to seeing more of your work.
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hi mark:happybounce: its me sunnie from youtube Blush I have been commenting on your channelOMG MOAR POEMS!  im glad I found you here Happy cry (Tears of joy) Happy cry (Tears of joy)       your such an inspiration to me  
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     I was word of mouth advertising your newest "how to" release 2 months before it was due to come out and was disappointed when Amazon said it had been delayed. But that did not dissuade me. You're one of the #1 US Artists of your kind and I support you completely. Might we get a 3rd volume out there somewhere?? I'd like to invite you to visit my page... there's not much there... af-vet.deviantart.com/gallery but... for all the things that you have done for the community I would like to do something for you, if you would accept it. 
I would like to recreate Brody's world in 3D-CGI for your soul use in any way your see fit. Should you find it acceptable of course. Please let me know if this idea appeals to you and I'll start working on it soon.

Thanks in advance,
T. Brown
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Thank you so much for the dedication! I know you often say thank you to your YouTube watchers and everyone who's bought the books at the end of the videos, but dedicating the new Brody's Ghost book to us was just lovely. :heart: It actually made me smile and I'm all happy now. :D I (and probably the many other fans) reeeeally appreciate it! ^^

...And I'm commenting here because I don't have a YouTube account. I've watched your videos for a while, and they've been a great help, even though I don't draw manga. As weird as that sounds... I used to draw manga, I just thought I liked drawing realistically more, even though I'm nowhere near realistic at the moment and still have a bit manga in my style. It's disappearing slowly, though. Keep doing the videos! They're great and you've been a wonderful inspiration! :la: :la: :la:
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Didn't know you where here Mark, glad I found you! :D
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Hey Mark! I just want to say that you are probably one of the best anime artists I`ve seen. I watch your videos on YouTube and at the endings, I`m all like `Why am I not blessed with such beautiful talent`Red Panda Tripping I`ve learned a lot from your vids and I`m on my way to becoming a great anime artist like you.  (:   KEEP ON DRAWIN`I Made My Own Icon... 

P.S- I wanted to buy one of your books at a `Barnes and Noble` one time but they didn`t have itonion head &quot;shock&quot; <------(My actual reaction)
Guess I have to order it online sometime.   ):
Jpop, let it never be said you are not potentially a great artist. I'ts all about break mechanics. Go to your library and get a book called "Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain" and that will set you down a path you will have always wanted to go on. I wish you luck and please keep me posted as to how your progress is growing. Best of luck! Af_vet
Anime-YouTube-Jpop's avatar
Thanks a lot friend :)
I love your 'Mastering Manga' book, using it has greatly improved my drawing abilities! I still need a lot of practice though...
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Big fan of yours welcome we have cookies :)
Where-am-I-Gog's avatar
Welcome to the dark side brother. i mEAN
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I Love your videos and purchased both of your How-to-Draw books, thanks for renewing my passion for anime/manga! I used to draw it as a kid in Hawaii. Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] 
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hey dude ur kewlbeans
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I LOVE U MARK!!!!!! I had to put it out there. lol
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