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Stippling YouTube Video

By markcrilley
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Art from my latest YouTube video, showing how I created this illustration entirely from tiny dots. Here is the time lapse version:

Later today I'll release the narrated tutorial version.

Thanks for watching! ^ _ ^

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That's wikd, dude. keep it up!

AnArtEnthusiast's avatar
How long did this take you? I'm not a star wars fan, but this is absolutely amazing! Great job!
lynx59's avatar
Starrr warsss!!!! da-da-dada-da-dada, da-dada....*imperial marches aroung the room*:shakeyoda: 
LuckySpirit14's avatar
Weird... I thought "stippling" had to do with a stiff brush/paint technique. whoops-see! :(
ImaginationDiva's avatar
cue the Imperial March! O3O
bamboo-fan's avatar
That is quite amazing what this stippling effect can do. I like how you made the one on the left look in a different direction to the rest, more realistic that way. 
Thanks for being an inspiration to us all Mark.

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I love stippling. I find it therapeutic and quite enjoyable.
ScarletReisen's avatar
Awesome video as always.
Thanks for sharing your insights on this tech!
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Just watched this video today, awesome stuff as always Mark Crilley!
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Gives a nice "grainy" appearance as if one is looking through a video monitor at the approaching enemy in a kind of snow or sand storm.
kutangelwings's avatar
this technique is a pain. I've done it a few times and it's not fun.
Sirenightsparrow's avatar
Woah. The patience it must have took. O.o I need patience like that.
JacobMainland's avatar
Fantastic work. It reminds me old Gameboy Pocket graphics :love:
CherokeeGal1975's avatar
I like your work and I very much want to buy your books.  I keep them in mind as I go job hunting.
FearedLight's avatar
That's "pointillisme" but with a bit of surrealism.  Anyway ,great work! It's wonderful!
Slithirius's avatar
Interesting technique. Could you try doing something like this but in color?
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